EthHub Weekly #169

zkEVM testnet now live, Okcoin integrates Polygon, Zapper levels up, Sherlock raises $1.5 million and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

🌳 Shifting Dynamics

Over the last week Bitcoin had its biggest event of the year with Bitcoin Miami and I’m sure you saw all the, uh, interesting videos that came out of it. I’m not going to get into detail here or go on about how “tribalist” the crypto community is though one thing I did want to mention is the shifting dynamics that I’m seeing play out at the moment.

From where I’m sitting, it seems like many people are becoming “bored” or “uninterested” in Bitcoin and its community and are moving on to greener pastures (such as Ethereum) which I believe is incredibly positive. This industry shouldn’t be beholden to any one asset or community - it should be pluralistic and innovative - and I believe Ethereum will continue leading the charge here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💳 Coinbase Links its Visa Debit Card with Apple Pay, Google Pay

Coinbase's debit card product is now usable via Apple Pay and Google Pay, according to a Tuesday blog post from the crypto exchange and services provider. 

The firm also said Monday that "starting this week, we’ll invite select customers off the waitlist" for its card product. After initially being available to UK and EU-based customers, Coinbase launched its debit card product in the US last October, as previously reported. 

The Visa debit card comes with opt-in crypto rewards, including 1% back in bitcoin and 4% back in lumens, the native token of the Stellar network. 

🤔 Google is Revamping its Ad Policy for Crypto Exchanges and Wallets

Google is expanding the scope of its crypto-related advertisement policy, the latest development in a years-long back and forth from the tech giant.

In a policy statement published Wednesday, Google said that "[b]eginning August 3, advertisers offering Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets targeting the United States may advertise those products and services when they meet the following requirements and are certified by Google."

To qualify, exchanges and wallets need to "[b]e duly registered with (a) FinCEN as a Money Services Business and with at least one state as a money transmitter; or (b) a federal or state chartered bank entity," "[c]omply with relevant legal requirements, including any local legal requirements, whether at a state or federal level" and "ensure their ads and landing pages comply with all Google Ads policies."

The new certification process will replace one that has existed for crypto exchanges since late 2018. 

Project Updates

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #45

London upgrade’s latest devnet — Calaveras is up, introduction to EIP-3584, London Infrastructure Readiness call, Consensus layer implementers meeting, Altair upgrade special PEEPanEIP, Ethereum blockchain users survey and more clients & community update.

Prysmatic Labs Development Update

Team growth, learnings from the first eth2 mainnet incident, r&d updates, sharding news and more in this update from PryLabs.

What’s New in Eth2 - 5 June 2021

The usual updates on the Beacon Chain, the merge, relevant blog posts and media tidbits and more.

zkSync 2.0 Detailed

The alpha version of the zkEVM testnet is now live and this update details exactly what it is, how it works and the path to mainnet.

Ethereum Treasuries Website Launched

This website is a resource where you can find companies, governments and funds that are holding ETH.

Zapper Levels Up

Zapper are now starting to gamify the DeFi experience with their Leveling Up update which allows users to gain experience for doing different tasks on Zapper and earn special NFT prizes.

Alpha Finance May Monthly Summary & June Sneak Peek

This update details all the exciting things that happened in the month of May for Alpha Finance and a sneak peek at what’s coming in June.

Okcoin Integrates with Polygon

Okcoin users can now withdraw Ethereum-based assets from Okcoin to Polygon directly.

Umbra is Live

Umbra, the stealth payments protocol, is now live on the Ethereum mainnet and available for public use.

Gnosis Client Team Joins Erigon

While putting greater resources toward this effort, Gnosis will deprecate the OpenEthereum legacy codebase and work on a migration path for all existing users.

Endaoment Raises $2.5 Million

The raise was led by Framework Ventures with participation from Distributed Global, Station 13, DeFi Alliance, Chapter One, Tony Sheng, Jayson Hobby, 0age, and Ben Rubin.

BarnBridge Integrations Team Update

Over the past two months, the BarnBridge Integrations Team has been working diligently on BarnBridge Developers Documentation along with the updates of the GitHub files in the primary BarnBridge repositories.

Uniswap v3 Calculator Released

This new tool from Flipside Crypto allows users to input a bunch of different parameters to calculate different v3 LP outcomes.

Pods Demo Released

After 3 months of beta testing and improvements on Kovan and Mumbai, the Pods demo has been released on Polygon.

Sherlock Raises $1.5 Million

The round was led by IDEO CoLab ventures with participation from A Capital, Scalar Capital, and DeFi Alliance.

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EthHub Weekly #168

Arbitrum One mainnet beta live, Token Terminal v2 launched, Set Protocol raises $14 million, Gitcoin introduces governance token and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[Sponsored] DeFi users, you no longer need to pay expensive and unpredictable interest rates on your ETH-backed loans. Liquity is an immutable, governance-free borrowing protocol that allows you to borrow interest-free against ETH as collateral. Loans are paid out in LUSD — a USD pegged stablecoin, and need to maintain a minimum collateral ratio as low as 110%.  

Outside of borrowing, users can deposit LUSD to the Stability Pool to earn LQTY rewards and participate in collateral liquidation events — purchasing ETH at a discount when liquidations occur. Lastly, users can stake LQTY to earn protocol revenue, which recently crossed >$12M since Liquity’s launch in April. To learn more, head over to to get started and get the most out of your borrowing needs today!

🧘 Calm Before the Storm

The last week in the crypto ecosystem was quite calm with the markets trending mostly sideways and no crazy developments - gas prices even got to under 20 gwei for the first time in a long time! Though I believe that all of this is just the calm before the storm (in a good way) - I don’t really see these lulls in both the market and in development lasting longer than a couple of months at best - there’s just too much going on in this ecosystem regardless of price action!

I joined the ‘Rockstars of Ethereum’ podcast last week to talk all things Ethereum including how I originally got into the space and some of my background from the early 2010’s - you can check it out here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

🤔 Ray Dalio Confirms BTC Holdings, Says ‘Bitcoin’s Greatest Risk is its Success’

Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of hedge fund Bridgewater, identified himself as a holder of bitcoin in a conversation at Consensus 2021 on Monday morning.

Speaking to Coindesk's Michael Casey, Dalio claimed that we are witnessing a shift away from the dollar as the global reserve currency, a competition in which bitcoin and other digital assets play a major role. "Probably the greatest power that a government has is over its currency and to control where money and credit go," he said.

Referring to the succession of recent global currencies and the Federal Reserve's massive quantitative easing over the last year, Dalio said "It's a great power to be able to print the world's currency but it happens just  like the British pound happened or like the Dutch guilder happened."

🤔 China’s Inner Mongolia Set to Impose Eight Measures on Crypto Mining Ban

The government of China's Inner Mongolia region has proposed eight new measures to phase out crypto mining activities.

The Inner Mongolia Development and Reformation Commission (DRC) issued a proposal on Tuesday that outlined eight areas that could be deemed as illegal that relate to crypto mining activities. It is the first, more concrete proposal to emerge four days after a Chinese State Council committee raised the subject of a bitcoin trading and mining crackdown during a recent meeting.

The proposal is now set to go through a public consultation process that will last until June 1 before it takes effect. The proposed measures target not only crypto mining facilities in the region that mostly use fossil fuels but also power stations that supply energy to such operations. Internet cafes that may have been using idle computers to mine cryptocurrencies are also included.

Project Updates

Finalized No. 26

In this eth2 update from Danny Ryan he runs through progress on Altair, Rayonism and the merge.

Introducing Arbitrum One

Arbitrum One mainnet beta has now launched for developers with over 250 teams having registered for deployment already. The network will most likely be opened to the public in the next few weeks.

Arbitrum also announced that they have teamed up with Etherscan to build out a block explorer (expected in late July) and they have also teamed up with Alchemy.

Token Terminal v2 Now Live

This update brings with it a bunch of new features to the Token Terminal dashboard including key metrics charts, revenue share charts, composition charts and more.

Uniswap Likely to Expand to Arbitrum

Uniswap will most likely expand v3 of their offerings to the Arbitrum layer 2 solution thanks to a governance proposal that was put forward by the community.

Set Raises $14M Series A

Set Labs has raised a $14M Series A round led by 1kx and Hashed with participation from Mechanism Capital, Defiance, Spartan, ParaFi, Coinbase Ventures, Craft, Threshold Ventures, and long-term Set community members.

Gitcoin Introduces Governance Token

Gitcoin introduced the GTC token and their DAO that will govern Gitcoin — two crucial components allowing Gitcoin to decentralize and build an equitable protocol for funding open source development.

Polygon Datasets Now Available on Google BigQuery

Hosted by Google Cloud as a financial services public dataset, the Polygon blockchain dataset has been listed in the Google Cloud Marketplace, and can be found here.

Introducing JPG

JPG connects collectors, curators and artists through an on-chain registry of NFTs. Anyone can submit their NFTs to the JPG registry, making them available for inclusion in exhibitions by participating curators.

Kwenta Details L2 Launch Plan

Kwenta will be launching on Optimistic Ethereum’s layer 2 in the coming weeks in 3 distinct phases which they detail in this update.

A Multichain Strategy and Roadmap for Maker

In this post, Maker details their multichain and layer 2 strategy along with how they think about each solution.

Balancer Labs Raises $24.25 Million

This fresh round of capital comes from investors Blockchain Capital, Fintech Collective, LongHash Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Continue Capital, Kain Warwick and Jordan Momtazi.

mistX Launched

mistX is the worlds first FlashDEX that makes Flashbots technology available to everyone - enabling front-running protection and more.

Circle Raises $440 Million

Circle, the company behind the fast-growing dollar-pegged coin USDC, has raised $440 million in fresh capital.

Polygon SDK Released

The Polygon SDK aims to support building two major types of solutions: stand-alone chains and secured chains. The initial release supports stand-alone chains with layer 2’s to be introduced in a future release.

GameStop Building NFT Platform on Ethereum

GameStop has quietly unveiled a new web portal for a non-fungible token (NFT) platform. The exact scope of the project is unclear, though prominently featured on the page is a link to an Ethereum address, indicating that GameStop's team will use Ethereum as a technology base.

Turbo-Geth Changes Name to Erigon

Turbo-Geth is getting to the point where it needs to be looked at as a completely different product, and not simply a derivative of Geth, which is why the name was changed to Erigon.

RBN Governance Token Announced

The RBN token aims to achieve the following goals: stewarding the development of the protocol, align incentives between Ribbon stakeholders, and unite all current and future Ribbon products under a single umbrella.

Hermez Network Roadmap Update

In this post, Hermez details their roadmap and how their protocol will be rolled out in 5 distinct phases.

BackRunMe Launched

BackRunMe allows users to capture their own MEV instead of it all going to miners/searchers.

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EthHub Weekly #167

Optimism integrates with Etherscan, zkSync 2.0 security model announced, Coinbase Wallet extension announced, Rainbow profiles now available on desktop and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[Sponspored] Pocket is a distributed network that relays data requests/responses to and from any blockchain protocol. Wrapped POKT (wPOKT) is an ERC20 token backed 1:1 by the native POKT on Pocket Network’s blockchain. Standardizing POKT to the ERC20 token format as wPOKT enables Pocket Network to leverage the programmable composability of Ethereum smart contracts.

Within the wPOKT micro-economy, Ethereum users will be able to stake wPOKT for blockchain infrastructure access on behalf of their favorite DApps while earning rewards. Instead of paying centralized providers a hefty monthly recurring toll for blockchain network bandwidth, these web3 applications can now encourage their community members to crowdsource free infra by staking once in app-specific or network-specific farms. We call this Data Farming!

Sign up here to be alerted for when the wPOKT LBP and Data Farming program launches! Are you ready to become a Regen and be a part of the regenerative finance movement? Let us know on Twitter :)

📉 The Great Purge

The last week is probably the most volatile week I’ve ever had in the crypto markets (and I’m sure I’m not alone here). ETH fell from $4,400 to $1,714 in just 2 weeks which is a 61% drop. Obviously in crypto we are used to this kind of volatility but the only other times we have seen these kinds of drops was March of 2020 (due to the global COVID-related risk-off event) and of course at the end of bull runs. Naturally this led people to start questioning if the bull run was over and there were mixed answers here - personally I take a long-term (10+ year) outlook to all of this so for me this was just another dip! In saying that, I hope none of you got blown up or lost money but if you did then it’s best to use it as a learning experience for next time.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

⚖️ Three Self-Regulatory Orgs Reiterate China’s 2017 Stance on Crypto

Three Chinese self-regulatory organizations have published a statement to reiterate the country's stance on crypto businesses.

The National Internet Finance Association of China (NIFA), the China Banking Association (CBA) and the Payment and Clearing Association of China (PCAC) jointly issued a note on Tuesday night China time, telling their member financial and payment institutions not to engage in or provide services to crypto-related businesses.

The three industry bodies are all self-regulatory organizations under the supervision of several Chinese ministries including the People's Bank of China (PBoC) and the China Securities Regulatory Commission. The SROs themselves are not regulatory agencies but are responsible for ensuring their member institutions to follow the regulatory direction of their superior government entities. 

🤔 U.S. Federal Reserve Plans to Publish Discussion Paper on the Potential Issuance of a CBDC

The U.S. Federal Reserve plans to publish a discussion paper this summer that will have a "particular focus on the possibility of issuing a U.S. central bank digital currency," according to a press release last week.

The press release added that the paper will complement research that the Federal Reserve is already undertaking.

Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell highlighted the agency's goals of promoting financial stability and ensuring the payments system is efficient. "In pursuit of these core functions we have been carefully monitoring and adapting to the technological innovations now transforming the world of payments, finance, and banking," he said.

The press release stated that the main concerns are whether the U.S. could improve the current domestic payments system. Powell said that the CBDC would be designed to work alongside the current payments systems, including cash, rather than replacing them.

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 22 May 2021

The latest updates on Altair, Rayonism, the merge, staking and more in this weeks update from Ben Edgington!

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #44

Energy-efficient Ethereum, Rayonism-Nocturne devent for the Merge, London upgrade-Baikal devent & testnet timeline, Eth2-Altair multiclient testnet timeline, client updates, Merge meetings, EIP-ERC repo splitting, Core Developer Apprenticeship Program, GitHub bot, Community events and ECH updates.

Optimism Integrates with Etherscan

Optimism unveiled, their collaboration with Etherscan, the premier block explorer and analytics platform for Ethereum.

zkSync 2.0 Security Model Announced

Security by Isolation and Redundancy, Trust-Minimized Upgradability, and the introduction of zkSync’s Security Council.

Announcing Dark Forest v0.6

In Dark Forest v0.6, players will follow a spacefaring race known as the Seekers on an expedition through the multiverse. The Seekers are a long-lived and nomadic species that travel from universe to universe, fleeing a malevolent corruption–The Ancient One–that strives to destroy them.

GSN v2 Launched

After a year and a half of development and two security audits the OpenGSN team announced that v2 of GSN, the Ethereum Gas Station Network, has been launched as a community governed public good.

Rainbow Web Profiles Launched

The beautiful NFT viewing experience you’ve come to know & love inside the Rainbow app has been unleashed across the entire Ethereum network.

MCDEX Raises $7 Million

The round was led by Delphi Ventures and Alameda Research with participation from other funds and angels.

Alchemix Audits Now In

In addition to 3 months of being battle tested in the wild, the Alchemix audit from Certik has confirmed that Alchemix is secure.

Opium and Uma Team Up

Opium and UMA have combined their efforts and tools to show how off-chain data can be brought to Ethereum to grow the DeFi ecosystem. Launched lets anyone can create a Crowd Proposal that others can support. If a proposal receives 10M delegate votes, it becomes a formal UNI governance proposal.

Sorare Integrates with StarkWare

Sorare, the popular sports-based NFT app, has integrated with StarkWare for their scaling needs on Ethereum.

Non-Fungible Technologies Raises $2.75 Million

$2.75 million in seed funding was raised from strategic blockchain-focused VCs and angel investors to build the first decentralized marketplace for loans backed by high-value NFT collateral.

Synthetix Update

A long and healthy update from Synthetix where founder Kain announces that there are 3 new protocols spinning out of the Synthetix ecosystem that will have their own tokens (airdropped to SNX holders) and popular Synthetix front-end will also be joining the party. On top of that, an update on the Synthetix layer 2 rollout is given.

DeversiFi Completes Strategic Round

The $5 million round was led by ParaFi Capital with participation from DeFiance Capital, Lightspeed Ventures, StarkWare and more along with various angels.

Connext Introduces Virtual AMMs and Liquidity Auctions

Virtual AMMs let routers price crosschain transfers based on available liquidity which creates an incentive for arbitrageurs to rebalance liquidity for a profit. Liquidity auctions route transfers to whatever router can supply liquidity most cheaply which enables aggregating and load balancing liquidity between different routers.

Hyphen Introduced

Hyphen from Biconomy is a powerful set of APIs for instantaneous value transfers between EVM chains, fast & cheap cross-chain transactions and quick & simple on-ramp to L2s from ETH

Coinbase Wallet Extension Announced

The extension allows users to more easily and securely connect to decentralized apps (dapps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) on their desktops using Coinbase Wallet.

Universe.XYZ Whitepaper Released

The Universe Protocol aims to provide a system that doesn’t live off the backs of artists and creates a protocol for sustainable ecosystems for artists and fans alike.

MISO Now Live

The Sushiswap ecosytem’s new token sale platform went live this week - the first sales will go live soon.

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EthHub Weekly #166

Core dev apprenticeship program announced, Balancer v2 now live, Arbitrum dev mainnet date announced, BairesDAO announced and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

🐕 Dog Money

Vitalik made waves in the cryptocurrency world this week when he decided to sell off the “dog tokens” that he was airdropped and donate the proceeds to charity (I wrote more about that here). It seems that Vitalik selling his tokens killed the mania that was surrounding them and also worked to drop gas fees down to more sane levels (<100 gwei).

On a more positive note, the ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum hackathon finalists were announced and you can view them here. I had the honor of judging a cohort of projects from this hackathon and was blown away by the creativity and inventiveness of the projects - I love Ethereum builders!

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

⚖️ Binance Faces Investigation by IRS and Department of Justice

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is reportedly facing an investigation by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as well as the Department of Justice, according to a report by Bloomberg.

According to the report, officials from the DOJ and the IRS have "sought information from individuals with insight into Binance's business," citing unnamed sources. Bloomberg's report noted that "[t]he federal agencies haven’t accused Binance of wrongdoing."

Bloomberg reported in mid-March that Binance was facing an inquiry from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) over whether the exchange allowed U.S. residents to trade on its platform.

🤔 Tether Reveals Breakdown of its Reserves for First Time Since 2014 Launch

Stablecoin issuer Tether, for the first time since its launch in 2014, has revealed a breakdown of its reserves.

The breakdown, shared with The Block on Thursday, is dated as of March 31, 2021. It shows that Tether held nearly 76% of its reserves in cash and cash equivalents and other short-term deposits and commercial paper.

Commercial paper, in fact, formed the majority of its cash and cash equivalents category, with a 65% share. Fiduciary deposits formed 24% of the category, reverse repo notes 3.60%, treasury bills about 3%, and actual cash only 3.87%.

When asked why actual cash formed only a tiny part of the total reserves, Tether's general counsel Stuart Hoegner told The Block that it is "misleading to focus exclusively on cash" within the cash and cash equivalents category. "Readers should not confuse items not in 'actual cash' with a lack of liquidity," he said.

Project Updates

Core Dev Apprenticeship Program Announced

The program is a pilot project to get more people involved and engaged with Ethereum core protocol work. Applications are open now until May 31st and the apprenticeship will take place from mid-June to mid-September.

Arbitrum Developer Mainnet Announced

The Arbitrum optimistc rollup mainnet will be opened to developers on May 28th, 2021. The team has also added Sequencer support to their layer 2 solution.

Gitcoin Announces Plans to Decentralize

The Gitcoin team believes that a decentralized Gitcoin is flexible, antifragile, collaborative, and global, far more capable of empowering the next generation of builders to create the coordination tools that will strengthen our species.

Maple Protocol Deployed to Mainnet

Maple's decentralized corporate debt marketplace will grant crypto-native companies access to on-chain growth capital.

BTC2x-FLI Announced

BTC2x-FLI is a structured product in ERC20 format that enables traders to automate a target leveraged exposure in a completely decentralized manner. The 2x-FLI style of tokens target a long 2x exposure to their underlying cryptoasset.

Alpha Finance Launches Oracle Aggregator

A data oracle is a platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs that power smart contracts. With Alpha Oracle Aggregator, Alpha Finance Lab will enhance scalability, flexibility, and security for the suite of Alpha products in a number of ways.

Zapper Raises $15 Million Series A

Zapper, the decentralized finance (DeFi) dashboard, has raised $15 million in a Series A round led by Framework Ventures. The round was joined by Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures as well as Mark Cuban.

BairesDAO Announced

BairesDAO is a group of individuals from Argentina who have banded together to invest in founders who are building products within DeFi.

Handle Finance Closes Strategic Round

Participants in this round include QCP capital, OKEX Ventures, Genblock Capital and many others.

Loopring Creator Grants Announced

There are $5,000 in grants up for grabs every quarter to be given out to budding content creators that produce educational content such as tutorials or guides.

Alpha Homora V2 Live on Ethereum

Get access to leveraged yield farming with Alpha Homora and partners including Cream Finance, Uniswap, SushiSwap, Curve and Balancer.

Balancer V2 Now Live

Balancer v2 comes with a host of new features including a new interface, new BAL liquidity mining program, dynamic fee pools and more.

UMA’s Optimistic Oracle Now Live

The oracle can be used to resolve markets and bring all types of data on-chain. It is not limited to use only for UMA financial contracts, but can be “plugged into” by any DeFi protocol.

Slingshot Open Beta Live on Polygon

You can now use Slingshot on Polygon’s PoS chain for faster trading at near zero gas fees.

Infura and Truffle Now Support Polygon

ConsenSys' leading developer tools, Infura and Truffle, now support Polygon with boilerplate application tooling, API access, and customer service for applications using the Polygon PoS chain.

Zora Introduces Auction House

Auction House is an open and permissionless protocol on Ethereum that allows any creator, community, platform or DAO to create and run their own curated NFT auction houses.

Synthetix Staking Integrates Optimistic Ethereum

The Synthetix Staking dApp is now compatible with Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ) on L2, meaning that OΞ stakers can now benefit from the improved user experience and expanded features offered on Staking over L2 Mintr.

NiiFi Raises $3 Million

DARMA is leading a $3 million seed round in NiiFi, a decentralized exchange (DEX) being built on Nahmii – a layer two system for boosting Ethereum’s transaction capacity.

Sky Mavis Completes Series A

$7.5 million was raised from a bunch of investors to scale Axie Infinity and NFT gaming.

Alchemix Integrates with Chainlink

Alchemix has integrated Chainlink price feeds for ALCX, alBTC, alUSD and alETH.

Woofy Token Announced

Woofy allows you to be exposed to a lighthearted dog coin and the DeFi darling blue chip (YFI) at the same time.

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EthHub Weekly #165

VanEck files for ETH ETF, Bankless DAO announced, Uniswap v3 now on mainnet, Dopex announced and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

😃 Winning

If I was asked to summarize the last year for Ethereum I would simply say that it was “winning”. Think about it - not only is the price up from $200 to over $4,000 in just 12 months, but the Ethereum network is experiencing explosive growth across every single vertical. On top of that, the ETH/BTC ratio has improved greatly over the last couple of months which signals that the market is finally valuing ETH much more fairly against BTC (though it won’t be totally fair until the flippening)! The best bit about all of this? Ethereum is only just getting started!

I jumped onto Nugget’s News this week to discuss all things Ethereum - feel free to check that out here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

🤯 VanEck Files for an Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund

Exchange-traded fund (ETF) startup VanEck has filed for an ether-based ETF, public records show.

The company, which currently has a proposed bitcoin ETF under review by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposed an ether ETF on Friday that would allow retail and institutional traders to gain exposure to the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap without requiring them to directly invest in it.

VanEck intends to work with Cboe BZX Exchange on the offering. The same exchange is providing support for VanEck’s proposed bitcoin ETF. The SEC has postponed any decision on VanEck’s bitcoin ETF proposal to next month. In the past, the SEC has taken as much time as it legally can, about 240 days, to evaluate ETF proposals.

🤔 PayPal Has Held Exploratory Talks About Launching a Stablecoin

PayPal is exploring the launch of a stablecoin.

Four sources with knowledge of the situation told The Block that PayPal has made the rounds among some of the industry’s stablecoin protocol developers — suggesting the payments giant may be leaning towards working with a third-party company. 

A PayPal spokesperson told The Block that “PayPal continues to explore the potential of digital currencies, digital financial services infrastructure and how we can help enhance digital commerce as a trusted partner in the space.”

“As a global company working with regulators and industry partners throughout the world to shape the next generation of financial systems, the company is in frequent conversation about technologies that enable these goals. However, rumors and speculation are not predictive of the company’s future plans,” the spokesperson said.

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 8 May 2021

Updates on the Beacon Chain, staking, Rayonism, Altair, the merge and more from Ben in this weeks what’s new in eth2.

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #43

Rayonism update, Eth2 mainnet incident retrospective, latest on London & Altair upgrade; Steklo, Aleut & Baikal testnet. ACD, Eth2, Merge, EIPIP meeting update. JSON RPC documentation update, PEEPanEIP on refund removal proposal, upcoming community event and more.

EF Fellowship Program Announced

The Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Program is a pilot project that has been launched by Next Billion, a team at EF that focuses on seeking opportunities in emerging economies.

OKEx to Support Arbitrum

OKEx is collaborating with Arbitrum, a market-leading Optimistic Rollup scaling solution to bring Ethereum Layer 2 scaling directly to their users. OKEx will enable the functionality for its users to deposit directly onto the Arbitrum mainnet without having to interact with the base layer of Ethereum.

Announcing Bankless DAO

Bankless DAO is a decentralized community to coordinate and propagate bankless media, culture, and education. It’s goal is to drive adoption and awareness of truely bankless money systems like Ethereum, DeFi, and Bitcoin.

Uniswap v3 Now On Mainnet

Uniswap v3 is the most powerful version of the protocol yet, with Concentrated Liquidity offering unprecedented capital efficiency for liquidity providers, better execution for traders, and superior infrastructure at the heart of decentralized finance.

Balancer Labs Launches Incentive Program for IDO’s

In order to help incentivize the continued growth of LBPs as a leading token distribution platform in DeFi, Balancer Labs is announcing an incentive program for referring projects that execute an LBP sale.

Announcing the GEL Token

The GEL token will serve as the central focal point that ensures dapp developers, executor bot operators and the core protocol developers all work together to further grow and make the Gelato Network more robust in the future.

The Maker Foundation Returns Dev Fund Holdings to the DAO

The Maker Foundation returned 84,000 MKR from the Development Fund to MakerDAO. In particular, these MKR tokens were transferred to the DSPause Proxy smart contract in the Governance Module, and are now under the control of Maker Governance.

Element Testnet Now Live

The Element Protocol testnet is live at The main goals of this release are to allow anyone to test the platform, find bugs in the UI or smart contracts and get feedback from the community.

GridPlus Lattice1 Firmware v0.10.6 Now Live

Non-standard HD paths are supported in this release: easily upgrade from a Ledger to frictionlessly use your secure accounts every day.

Lido Raises $73 Million

The funding was led by crypto venture capital firm Paradigm, which bought $51 million worth of LDO tokens from LidoDAO's treasury by paying the amount in 15,120 ether (ETH).

MetaPortal Newsletter Announced

MetaPortal is a doorway into the metaverse. The newsletter will cover the individual projects in the Metaverse Index and also share thoughts on macro and high-level developments relating to the metaverse.

Notional Finance Raises $10 Million

Notional Finance closed a $10 million Series A round from Pantera, ParaFi Capital, 1Confirmation, Spartan Group, Nascent, and other big names following a seed round from Coinbase Ventures.

Loopring Smart Wallet Now on iOS

The smart wallet comes with social recovery, daily limits + whitelist addresses and access to the whole Loopring ecosystem.

Coinbase Commerce x Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s announced they will accept bitcoin and ethereum for Banksy’s Love is in the Air image at their Contemporary Art Evening Auction. Coinbase Commerce was selected as the integration partner.

Magnet Beta Launched

Magnet is a workflow tool that makes it easy for a Gnosis Safe Multisig to create and review compensation packages.

Dopex Announced

Dopex is a decentralized options exchange that aims to address all of the issues with the existing options protocols within DeFi.

Splits Introduced

Splits are a way to route ETH continuously to an unlimited number of Ethereum addresses, according to a set of percentage allocations.

Webaverse x Polygon

Webaverse announced Polygon support this week. Creators on the platform can mint NFTs for free, and trade them on OpenSea with sub-cent transfer fees.

Showtime Raises $7.6 Million

The round was led by Paradigm with participation from various other funds and angels.

Sudoswap v2 Now Live

New features include an upgraded swap mechanism with unlimited combination trading, order expiration dates and more.

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