EthHub Weekly #133

Optimism launches testnet with Synthetix, Gitcoin introduces grant collections, Dune Analytics raises $2M seed round and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

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Come hack away with us and build cool stuff at ETHOnline. We are partnering with ETHGlobal and sponsoring the #ETHOnline hackathon as well as providing free decentralized infra to teams. There’s still a couple of days left to apply, but if you can’t attend please consider spreading the word

💸 Giving Season

This week is your last chance to have your donations to all of the amazing projects on Gitcoin Grants matched by the quadratic funding gods. If you haven’t donated yet, I strongly advise you do to check out the projects on Gitcoin and donate to a few of them as even small donations like $1 or $5 can be multiplied considerably by the matching logic. If you just want to make it even easier, check out this list for my top 40 picks.

I was also recently on the podcast to discuss all things Ethereum and DeFi - you can listen here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

😬 Over $150M Drained in KuCoin Crypto Exchange Hack

Over $150 million of an Asian cryptocurrency exchange’s funds have been compromised in a security breach.

The Singapore-headquartered digital asset exchange KuCoin said in a statement that it detected large withdrawals of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) tokens to an unknown wallet beginning at 19:05 UTC time on Friday. 

In a live stream on 4:30 UTC time Saturday, KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu said that one or more hackers obtained the private keys to the exchange’s hot wallets. KuCoin transferred what was left in them to new hot wallets, abandoned the old ones and froze customer deposits and withdrawals, Lyu said.

KuCoin’s cold wallets were unaffected, Lyu claimed. Cold cryptocurrency wallets are not connected to the Internet and are considered more secure than hot cryptocurrency wallets. 

⚖️ SEC, OCC Issue First Regulatory Clarifications for Stablecoins

The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has published fresh guidance, officially clarifying national banks can provide services to stablecoin issuers in the U.S.

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published stablecoin guidance Monday, providing the first detailed national guidance on how cryptocurrencies backed by fiat currencies should be treated under law. Prior to Monday’s notices, there was no federal clarity around stablecoins.

Stablecoin issuers have been using U.S.  banks for years, but in an unclear regulatory environment. Now, the OCC wants federally regulated banks to feel comfortable providing services to stablecoin issuers, it said in a press release. An accompanying interpretative letter, signed by Senior Deputy Comptroller Jonathan Gould, explained that while banks should conduct due diligence and ensure they assess the risks of banking any stablecoin issuers, stablecoins are becoming increasingly popular.

Project Updates

The State of 1559

Tim Beiko provides an update on Ethereum’s most anticipated upgrade (EIP-1559) with everything you need to know.

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #56 — “Getting ready for Spadina”

A primer on the upcoming Spadina testnet release and the usual round of updates from PryLabs.

Eth2 Quick Update No. 17

Spadina launchpad live, audit updates, a look at EIP-2982 and more in this eth2 quick update from Danny Ryan.

Optimism Launches Testnet

Optimism released their Optimistic Rollup testnet last week with Synthetix has a launch partner. They also detailed the testnet rollout plans and the path towards mainnet.

MakerDAO Won’t Compensate Black Thursday Vault Losses

MakerDAO has concluded a governance poll in which Maker token holders decided not to compensate Vault owners who suffered losses by liquidations during the March 12-13 market crash.

tBTC is Now Live

tBTC, which lets Bitcoin holders access Ethereum DeFi apps, is live and ready to be used now on

Rocket Pool 2.5 — Rolling Beta

The Rocket Pool 2.5 Medalla Rolling Beta will be starting in a few weeks, on the 6th October, 2020 00:00 UTC.

Introducing Yield Farming Strategies on TokenSets

Set introduced 2 new yield farming strategies to TokenSets this week - the ETH USD Yield Farm and the ETH WBTC Yield Farm - both of which are currently farming the UNI token by providing liquidity to Uniswap.

Aave Governance Now on Mainnet

Aave’s community now has a direct say in the governance of the platform with the very first Aave Improvement Proposal (AIP) looking to approve the token migration from LEND to AAVE.

mStable Governance: Staking V1 Launch

mStable Staking v1 was released last week. Staking V1 is all about bootstrapping their governance community with Meta stakers being able to propose and vote on several aspects of the mStable protocol.

Liquity Protocol Raises $2.4M

The round was led by Polychain Capital, with follow on investments from a_capital, Lemniscap, 1kx, DFINITY Ecosystem Fund, Robot Ventures (Robert Leshner), and Alex Pack.

Gitcoin Introduces Grant Collections

You can create a new collection with the "save as collection" button during grant checkout. This allows others do donate to projects using your collection.

Mempool Explorer Introduced

The Mempool Explorer from Blocknative is a net-new way to build real-time streams of in-flight transaction data. Builders & traders can now easily work with live mempool data.

Synthetix Updates

The Synthetix protocol has been updated with the Formalhaut release, Synthetix is heading to layer 2 with Optimistic Ethereum, and a new Synthetix stats website is now live.

The Graph GRT Token Economics Detailed

In this update, The Graph details the different roles that people will take in the protocol and how the GRT token plays into that.

Maskbook Updated

This new version of Maskbook adds a trading widget that is powered by Uniswap and CoinMarketCap. If you have the extension install, you can now simply hover over a cashtag (e.g $ETH) and instantly view its token price or swap it on Uniswap.

Rails Introduced

Rails is a layer-two payment solution that can transfer ETH and ERC20 tokens between users gas-free.

Dune Analytics Raises $2M Seed Round

The round was led by Dragonfly Capital with participation from Multicoin Capital, Hashed, Coinbase Ventures, Digital Currency Group and more.

BarnBridge Introduces Liquidity Mining

The liquidity mining program will be a 2-phased approach and will begin once security audits are completed.

syUSD Announced

syUSD is an entirely permissionless and constantly balance increasing stablecoin. It is an ERC20 token that lets you wrap yUSD into a stable currency.

Status Desktop is Back

Private messaging with Status is now available on Windows, Mac, and Linux, with seamless syncing to your mobile device.

Liquality Wallet Now on Mainnet

You can use the Liquality wallet to swap from BTC to DeFi.

Leverj Launches Futures Trading

You can now trade leveraged perpetual swaps on the Leverj exchange.

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EthHub Weekly #132

Gitcoin Grants Round 7 now live, UNI token launched, updates, fundraising updates and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

💸 Gitcoin Season

Gitcoin Grants Round 7 is now live which means you can donate to hundreds of different projects and get your donations matched up to 100’s of times (thanks to quadratic matching). Just a friendly reminder that the best way to support EthHub is by donating to us on Gitcoin which you can do here. Thanks in advance for your donations! Oh and Eric has become a sponsor for this round as well!

This is interesting - Kraken (the exchange) has a position open for a Lead Ethereum Strategist. Seems like it would be a really cool job according to the role description - you’d basically be an external and internal advocate for Ethereum!

I joined the Bankless Meet the Nation series to discuss all things TokenSets - you can watch that here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

🏦 Kraken is Launching a Crypto Bank in Wyoming

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is launching a bank under a new regulatory framework in Wyoming, a move that will expand its product suite, the firm said in an announcement Wednesday. 

Headquartered in Wyoming, Kraken Financial will be regulated by the Wyoming Division of Banking under a so-called Special Purpose Depository Institution. The new structure was purpose-built for cryptocurrency companies and will allow Kraken to offer certain banking functions to clients and effectively serve as the exchange operator's primary banking relationship. Up until this point, Kraken has relied on third-party providers for wire transfers and other services that enable it to engage with the broader financial system.

⚖️ New York Attorney General to Bitfinex and Tether: ‘Delays Must Stop’

NYAG Senior Enforcement Counsel John Castiglione filed a letter Monday ahead of a conference involving the regulator and the two cryptocurrency firms arguing it is time they complied with a 17-month-old document production order detailing financial information within the next two months. 

For their part, counsel representing the two firms argue the order is too broad and the scope should be limited first.

“As of this filing, the 354 Order has been in place for seventeen months. In that time, Respondents have produced ‘jurisdictional’ documents (as directed by this Court) but failed to produce the core information called for in the Order. The delays must stop, and Respondents should be directed to comply promptly,” Castiglione said.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Joel M. Cohen scheduled the hearing for this Thursday, after receiving a request from the New York Attorney General’s (NYAG) office last week complaining that Bitfinex and Tether had yet to turn over any documents. 

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 19 September 2020

An EIP-2982 explainer, Spadina update, regular research and development updates and more from Ben in this weeks newsletter.

EIP-2982 Submitted

Danny Ryan and Vitalik Buterin submitted EIP 2982 this week which is an EIP to upgrade Ethereum’s consensus mechanism from proof of work to sharded proof of stake - aka, an EIP to upgrade eth1 to eth2. Learn more here.

Lighthouse Update #29

Lots of content this week including updates on the eth2 standard API, networking, sync enhancements and more. Updates

A round of updates to the developer content, an information page on the Medalla data challenge and more in this website update.

Introducing UNI

UNI, the Uniswap Protocol governance token, is live now on the Ethereum mainnet. UNI officially enshrines Uniswap as publicly-owned and self-sustainable infrastructure while continuing to carefully protect its indestructible and autonomous qualities.

Yam V3 Goes Live

The migration from Yam v2 to v3 is now live and, if you’re a holder of YAM, you can migrate your tokens across with 50% being available immediately and the other 50% vesting over 30 days.

Introducing SyntheticRebaseDollar

SyntheticRebaseDollar is an auto rebasing index that tracks the dollar value of the collateral that creates it.

Marqet Introduced

Marqet combines AAVE credit delegation with Synthetix peer to contract exchange to uniquely provide trustless margin trading of any synthetic asset with no slippage.

Gnosis and xDai Partnership Announced

Gnosis has teamed up with xDai, an Ethereum sidechain designed for fast and inexpensive transactions, providing a developer-friendly environment that retains real world economic incentives.

The Graph Launches Curator Program

Today The Graph announced the launch of its Curator Program. CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Messari, Delphi Digital, Zapper, Synthetix, Pool Together, LivePeer, mStable and Balancer are all preregistered to be Curators on The Graph Network.

MyEtherWallet Launches EthVM

EthVM is a new open source Ethereum block explorer from the team at MyEtherWallet (MEW).

COVER Protocol Announced

COVER is an evolution of the SAFE protocol that was launched last week.

Introducing PrimeDAO

PrimeDAO is a collective of experienced builders committed to the systemic advancement of Open Finance.

Paraswap Raises $2.7M Seed Round

ParaSwap raised the seed funding from a total of 32 investors including Blockchain Capital, Alameda Research, Arrington XRP Capital, Coinfund, CoinGecko, Aave founder Stani Kulechov and others.

Gelato Network raises $1.2 Million

The team behind Gelato Network, an Ethereum-focused protocol for automating transactions, has raised $1.2 million in a seed funding round.

APY.Finance Raises $3.6 Million

APY.Finance, which is building a decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator for yield farming, has raised $3.6 million in new funding.

The round saw participation from Alameda Research, Arrington XRP Capital, Coingecko, and Parafi Capital partner Santiago Roel Santos, among others.

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EthHub Weekly #131

SushiSwap saga continues, various eth2 updates, BarnBridge closes a seed round, StableCredit introduced from yEarn and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

🍣 The Chef Returns

So over the weekend Chef Nomi from SushiSwap decided to send back the $14 million in ETH that he took from the treasury which just added to the absolute craziness of the last 2 weeks in Ethereum. I went into a bit more depth about it all here. Eric and I will also be discussing more about this on the weekly recap podcast (which is delayed by 24 hours - sorry everyone)!

So I had two major public appearances over the last week - 1 was with the Bankless guys where we recapped the SushiSwap drama (before Chef Nomi returned the funds) and another was with the fine folks at where I spoke about Ethereum, DeFi, scaling and more! Check out the Bankless one here and the one here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

🍣 Pseudonymous SushiSwap Founder Returns 38,000 ETH

Chef Nomi, the pseudonymous founder of decentralized exchange protocol SushiSwap, said Friday that they returned some 38,000 ETH — worth some $14 million at press time — to the project's treasury fund. 

The development comes less than a week after Nomi converted some of the SUSHI tokens apportioned to the project's development team into ETH, sparking furor and triggering a market drop in the process, as well as allegations of an exit scam. That move ultimately kicked off a process that saw control of SushiSwap shifted to the chief executive of FTX. Earlier this week, more than $800 million in funds was then moved from Uniswap liquidity pools to SushiSwap as part of a migration process.

"I would like to apologize to everyone who I have caused troubles to. I was emotional, I was greedy, I was afraid. I made bad controversial decisions under pressure. And it hurt everyone. I failed your expectation and I am sorry," Nomi wrote in one post

🤔 Lagarde Says Central Bankers Are Nearing Decision on Whether to Issue a Eurozone Digital Currency

Christine Lagarde, the head of the European Central Bank, said Thursday that it would soon be made public whether the Eurosystem will move forward with a eurozone-based digital currency.

Her remarks, reported by Bloomberg, come months after Lagarde first indicated that the ECB was working on such an initiative. 

"The Eurosystem has so far not made a decision on whether to introduce a digital euro. But, like many other central banks around the world, we are exploring the benefits, risks and operational challenges of doing so," Lagarde was quoted as saying Thursday by Bloomberg. "The findings of a Eurosystem task force are expected to be presented to the public in the coming weeks, followed by the launch of a public consultation."

Project Updates

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #56— “Road to Mainnet”

Interesting and unique update from the PryLabs team this week as they have made their mainnet release checklist public so that everyone can see what the road to phase 0 mainnet looks like!

Eth2 Quick Update No. 16

Spadina (deposit and genesis dress rehearsal) testnet coming up, progress on the Medalla Data Challenge and more updates from Danny Ryan.

Medalla Data Challenge Announced

Up until 20 October 2020, the Ethereum Foundation is sponsoring a Medalla data analysis and data visualization blog post challenge.

Vision for OpenEthereum

In this post, Marcelo Ruiz de Olana from the OpenEthereum team explains how they are committed to focusing 100% of our efforts to provide resilience to Ethereum mainnet.

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #29

Medalla data challenge, YOLOv2 proposals, Peep an EIP, EIP-1559, breakout-room, hackathon, Gitcoin grant, and other community updates.

Introducing the DeFi Pulse Index on TokenSets

Set and DeFi Pulse announced the launch of the DeFi Pulse Index Set on TokenSets! The DeFi Pulse Index (DFP) is built on Set Protocol’s new v2 infrastructure and consists of 10 of the most popular DeFi tokens available on Ethereum. Check it out here.

The Ether is Now Live

The Ether is a new website that hopes to act as the premier Ethereum social governance portal.

mStable Governance Forum Now Live

The governance forum is where mStable improvement proposals will go for formal discussion, after being surfaced on their Discord server.

Nimbus Update: September 11th

Lots of technical updates in this update from the Nimbus team.

Etherscan Releases Yield Farm List

The price and market cap data of all known yield farming tokens are displayed on this new page.

Gitcoin Grants Roadmap

The new roadmap outlines how Gitcoin will solve sybil/collusion resistance + increase round sizes in lockstop.

BarnBridge Closes $1m Seed Round

BarnBridge is a cross platform protocol for Tokenizing Risk with Fixed Yield and Volatility Tranche Products. This week, they announced that they have closed a seed round from investors including Fourth Revolution Capital, ParaFi, Kain Warwick (Synthetix), Stani Kulechov (Aave), Andrew Keys (DARMA Capital), Centrality, Blockchain Companies and Dahret Group.

Introducing DEXTF Protocol

DEXTF is an AM protocol which makes managing and investing your assets through their highly liquid XTF token funds, one for each fund, which are in turn tradable or redeemable for the underlying assets.

Gitcoin Announces Layer 2 Integration

Gitcoin will use the layer 2 scaling technology zkSync for round 7 of grants and use Loopring in round 8.

Introducing StableCredit

StableCredit is a new protocol for decentralized lending, stablecoins, and AMMs built as part of the yEarn ecosystem.

ERC-2309 Has Become an Official Standard

ERC-2309 is a standardized event emitted when creating/transferring one, or many non-fungible tokens using consecutive token identifiers.

Loopring Swap Announced

Loopring Swap is an interface that sits on top of Loopring’s layer 2 DEX which offers gas-free trading.

Introducing GHST

GHST is the eco-governance token of Aavegotchi and it powers every activity in the Aavegotchi universe, from participating in the DAICO, to buying Aavegotchis, and even farming rarity.

The EIP Overhaul

Alex Beregszaszi has proposed a new EIP process, mostly influenced by the RFC and W3C processes.

ESP Q2 Allocation Update

The Ethereum Foundation posted an update on their Q2 allocations as part of their ecosystem support program.

Rarible Releases Support for NFT yInsurance

NFT yInsurance is a product that’s part of the yEarn ecosystem and is underwritten by Nexus Mutual cover. You can now trade it on Rarible.

MCDEX Announces Funding Round

MCDEX has closed the first funding round from several renowned influencers and key stakeholders of the industry, including Arthur ( DeFiance Capital ), Qiao Wang, DeFi Dad, Daryl Lau, Tarun, Robert Leshner and more.

Rarible Secures Funding from CoinFund

Rarible, a digital art-focused NFT platform, has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed round that was closed by leading New York-based blockchain investment firm CoinFund. Announced is an evolution of UniswapEx that allows for automated and decentralized limit orders on Uniswap.

The Synthetix Volume Program Announced

This is a new initiative designed to incentivize native integration of the Synthetix protocol across DeFi platforms and protocols.

DHT Token Generation Event Announced

The DHT token generation event will be held on the Mesa platform which 5% of the total DHT supply up for grabs.

New Ethereum Gas Website Released

This new open source Ethereum gas monitoring website was built by Peter Kieltyka and can be found here.

Introducing The Dapp List Token

The Dapp List token is the first governance token to mine reputation on-chain.

DEFI-S Announced

DEFI-S is an index for exposure to AMMs (BAL), zkRollups (LRC), derivatives (UMA), asset management (MLN), and interoperability (REN, PNT).

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EthHub Weekly #130

eth2 updates, Set v2 rollout explained, Muse teams up with Cryptokitties, road to Yam v3 explained and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[Sponsored] helps you manage all your DeFi assets from one simple interface and has become the ultimate tool for yield farmers. By leveraging the composability of open finance, Zaps deploys capital to the most innovative opportunities in DeFi in one transaction - saving you time & gas. is the easiest way to discover and access new opportunities in DeFi as the platform is integrated with 19 DeFi platforms including Uniswap, Compound, Balancer, Maker and more. also supports all of your favorite wallets including MetaMask, Portis, Trust Wallet and more. Check out this friendly video guide from DeFi Dad to learn more.

🤢 Food Poisoning

What an eventful week in Ethereum, hey? We had the rise and fall (and rise?) of SushiSwap and a very brutal drop in ETHs price from $480 to $315 - not to mention the explosion in “food coin ponzis” on Ethereum. If you’d like to listen to Eric and I discuss our views on this, be sure to listen in to the weekly recap podcast. You can also read my Daily Gwei piece about the SushiSwap drama here.

Interested in developing on Ethereum and not sure where to start? Linda Xie is spearheading virtual sessions with the top builders in Ethereum which you can sign up for here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💰 Swiss Canton Zug to Accept Taxes in Bitcoin, Ether From Next Year

The canton of Zug, one of the member states of the Swiss Confederation, is set to accept bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) for tax payment from next year.

The Zug administration announced the news on Thursday, saying that beginning February 2021, companies and individuals will be able to pay their taxes in the two cryptocurrencies for an amount of up to CHF 100,000 (~$110,000).

The Zug Department of Finance has collaborated with Bitcoin Suisse for the initiative, meaning the Swiss crypto firm will convert users’ BTC and ETH tax payments into francs for the agency.

“We do not take any risk with this new payment method, as we always receive the amount in Swiss Francs, even if payment is made in Bitcoin or Ether,” said Heinz Tannler, finance director of the Zug administration.

🤔 Coinbase to Launch IEO Service

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has confirmed that the exchange operator is working on an initial exchange offering (IEO)-like service, months after first hinting at such plans last year.

In a podcast hosted in mid-August with Patrick O'Shaughnessy, the CEO of O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, Armstrong said Coinbase is working on a product called "Coinbase Launch or something like that."

"It's a way for anybody who wants to do a crypto start up to come in and say, 'All right, I want to issue a token. Maybe I want to raise money. Maybe I just want to use it to build my community,' and just hand hold people through that process and help them with the custody of it, help them create the smart contract, help them with the governance issues, vesting of these things if you need to distribute those to employees," said Armstrong, according to a published transcript.

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 5 September 2020

Another great update from Ben covering the beacon chain, phase 1.5 (eth1 <> eth2 merger), research updates and more.

Eth2 Quick Update No. 15

Updates on Medalla, client diversity, the eth1 <> eth2 merger, testing and audits for phase 0 and more.

MetaMask Mobile Now Available on Android and iOS

Explore dapps, manage your digital assets, and more with MetaMask’s new mobile Ethereum wallet.

Introducing Cozy Finance

Cozy Finance is a company that develops risk-management software for decentralized finance.

The Set V2 Rollout Explained

This post explains the 3 phases of the Set v2 rollout - phase 1 brings with it multi-asset support and index Sets, with phase 2 comes yield farming, and with phase 3 comes improvements for Set Managers.

Introducing BarnBridge

BarnBridge is a cross platform protocol for tokenizing risk. It is an idea & whitepaper originally conceived in Q2 2019.

NewPairs Alpha Launched

NewPairs is an aggregator for new listings with market depth, price, and volume metrics for new liquidity pools from different DEX platforms, sorted by date added. Updated

yETH, yWETH vaults added, SNX assets updated and the website footer populated with a bunch of relevant links. was also launched that allows for automated liquidations using flash loans.

Rarible Governance Explained

RARI is designed to give community members the power to shape the platform’s future, curate, moderate, and vote for new features. This post provides a sneak peak into Rarible governance system that we are about to shape together, explains how it works & why, and gives a step-by-step guide to submitting your proposals.

Loopring Monthly Update — 2020/08

R&D updates, a look at the Loopring Exchange, an update on the Loopring Wallet, and much more.

UMA — Announcing the Yield Dollar on renBTC

With the launch of uUSDrBTC-OCT on UMA protocol it is now possible to leverage Bitcoin permissionlessly on the Ethereum network. You can mint renBTC from Bitcoin, then lock that renBTC into UMA. With this as collateral, you can mint uUSD, which can be used to purchase more renBTC and create a permissionless leveraged position.

Muse x Cryptokitties

Muse and Cryptokitties have teamed up to offer two limited-edition Cryptokitties that you can check out here.

Tether Planning zkRollup Support

After integrating with OMG Network, stablecoin issuer Tether is now planning to add support for another Layer-2 scaling solution — ZK-Rollups.

The Road to V3: YAMv2 Interim Governance Summary

This post from the Yam Finance team summarized all of the changes that will be included with Yam v3 (as voted on by YAM token holders).

Making Maker: August 2020

Lots of updates from the Maker team in this piece including a blog roundup, governance updates, community highlights and more.

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EthHub Weekly #129

Zapper raises $1.5m, Fair Launch Capital introduced, Synthetix unveils new visual brand, Uniswap protocol releases token lists and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[Sponsored] Yearn Finance is a DeFi yield aggregator that runs on Ethereum and offers products under five distinct umbrellas - Earn, Zap, Vaults (yVaults), APR and Yinsure. The native token of Yearn Finance is YFI.

The Earn product is a yield aggregator that seeks out the best ROI from various lending apps, Zap allows for swapping between DeFi assets, Vaults automate yield farming/liquidity mining across different protocols, APR calculates yields across different protocols and Yinsure is an insurance product for DeFi.

Learn more about the entire Yearn ecosystem here.

🍣 Sushi Anyone?

Another interesting week in Ethereum land with the highlight of the week being the battle between Uniswap and SushiSwap. The tl;dr is that SushiSwap is a fork of Uniswap with a native token, SUSHI, that people can currently yield farm using other Ethereum-based tokens. SushiSwap isn’t actually live yet so it’s just yield farming at the moment but people are debating whether something like this can actually take meaningful liquidity away from Uniswap after the farming phase is over. I explore this further in today’s The Daily Gwei piece.

I joined Alex Saunders again this month for another monthly Ethereum update on his YouTube show! This time we also had special guest David Hoffman join to discuss all the craziness going on. Watch here.

Lastly, ETHOnline is being held from October 1st to October 30th and is now open for registrations! Head here to register to hack or for the summits.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💰 FTX acquires Blockfolio

Crypto derivatives exchange FTX has acquired popular crypto price tracking app Blockfolio for $150 million in one of the largest acquisition deals in the digital asset space this year. 

Launched in 2019, FTX is known for quickly delivering new products to market for institutional traders, including a wide range of derivatives. The acquisition of Blockfolio will help the firm expand its footprint in the retail market, chief executive Sam Bankman-Fried said in an interview with The Block. 

The acquisition deal spawned from early discussions between the two companies about ways they could collaborate on new products. Blockfolio was exploring how it could capture the value accrued in crypto trading. 

🤔 SEC Expands Accredited Investor Definition

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced Wednesday that it it has officially widened the accredited investor definition to include individuals.

The update allows for "natural persons" to qualify if they have achieved certain designations or credentials. "The amendments allow investors to qualify as accredited investors based on defined measures of professional knowledge, experience or certifications in addition to the existing tests for income or net worth," the agency said in its announcement.

Some licensed investment advisers may meet the standards for the broader definition. The new category for individuals includes holders of series 7, 65 and 82 licenses under the definition — credentials related to private securities sales and investment advising. More license designations, or other forms of credentials, may be added in the future, according to the SEC. The regulator said it's open to the proposal of additional certifications to satisfy the rule.

Project Updates

Aave Issued an Electronic Money Institution license

Aave Limited was granted approval on July 7, according to public information published by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which issued the authorization. Such an authorization allows the recipient to offer services such as issuing digital cash alternatives and providing payment services.

Frontier Raises $1.85 Million Seed Round

Decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator Frontier has raised $1.85 million in seed funding. The round saw participation from several investors, including FTX, Alameda Research, NGC Ventures, CoinGecko, Exchange’s Danish Chaudhry and Matic Network’s Sandeep Nailwal, among others.

Zapper Raises $1.5m Seed Round

This week, the Zapper team announced that they have raised a $1.5M seed round to expand DeFi accessibility led by Framework Ventures and Libertus Capital with participation from MetaCartel Ventures, Coinfund, The LAO, CoinGecko, and Zee Prime Capital.

MTA Staking Update

In this update, mStable summarises the current thinking about how staking will look, the functions it will serve, and the risk reward ratios it will entail.

Delegated Funding DAO Vaults

Delegated funding DAO vaults are a new product being deployed to the Yearn Finance protocol. Funders provide YFI into the fair launch Vault. This works as per a normal delegated vault, you receive your LP share based on your contribution.

Yearn also launched their insurance product.

Introducing SushiSwap

SushiSwap protocol is an “evolution” of Uniswap that claims to better aligns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue-sharing & network effects to the popular AMM model via the SUSHI token.

DODO Announces Seed Round

DODO has closed a seed round, led by Framework Ventures and followed by DeFiance Capital. Other seed round investors include SevenX Ventures, Alexander Pack, Robert Leshner (founder of Compound), Bobby Ong (founder of Coingecko), Jason Choi, Spencer Noon, Maple Leaf Capital and more.

Introducing Seed Club

Seed Club is a social token incubator run by a group early social token issuers, technologists and thought leaders collaborating to help creators conceptualize and launch Social Token projects.

Introducing the New Synthetix Visual Brand

The new Synthetix visual brand is now live. The vision for this initiative was to create a distinct and characterful brand identity for the protocol, while expressing the energy of the Synthetix ecosystem.

The team also detailed their upcoming Pollux release here.

Fair Launch Capital Announced

Fair Launch Capital is a community resource providing free access to capital for new Fair Launch networks and projects. They are not a VC fund, rather, they provide fair launch capital.

MCDEX Adds New Perpetual Markets

These markets include SNX-PERP, LEND-PERP and COMP-PERP that you can now trade on MCDEX’s decentralized exchange.

USDC Upgraded to V2

The "USDC 2.0" update will allow services that offer USDC support to pay transaction fees (gas) for their users.

ETH Gas Watch Launched

ETH Gas Watch is an aggregated gas price feed, with email alerts for when the gas price drops below a user-defined level.

0x’s New Request for Quote System Announced

0x’s new Request for Quote (RFQ) system allows professional market makers to bring CEX liquidity directly to DEX users to support great pricing for medium and large trades

Uniswap Introduces Token Lists

Token Lists are a new standard for creating lists of ERC20 tokens. This is a community initiative to improve discoverability and trust in ERC20 token lists in a manner that is inclusive, transparent, and decentralized.

Perpetual Protocol Raises $1.8mil

Perpetual Protocol said the round was led by Multicoin Capital, with participation from Three Arrows Capital, CMS Holding, and Alameda Research. The protocol will use the fresh capital to launch its mainnet in September.

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #28

A proposal on gas cost, EVM 384, Medalla testnet, Ethereum client diversity, Peep an EIP, and more community updates.

Balancer Adds Multi-Path and Smart Routing

Multi-path order routing means a trade can now jump between multiple pools on Balancer.

ConsenSys Acquires Quorum

ConsenSys has acquired Quorum (JP Morgan’s private fork of Geth) and will merge the enterprise protocol engineering roadmaps and technology.

Yam V2 Governance Portal Now Live

If you hold YAM, you can now vote on and submit proposals using the new governance portal.

StarkWare Launches Cairo

Cairo is the first production-grade platform for generating STARK proofs for general computation. It is Turing Complete, and highly efficient.

DefiDollar is Live

DefiDollar is a stable asset backed by an index of stablecoins. DUSD is a hedge against volatility and provides portfolio risk diversification.

SneakrCred Buscemi Drop Announced

Keep an eye out for this new NFT series from SneakrCred founders Casmir and Justin. Digital artist Cryptohydrate debuts 4 rare colorways, inspired by his painting "The Void," and will be giving one away to fans and followers. The drop also features digital sneaker designs commemorating the launch of Augur v2, Compound, and innovative new blockchain technologies from 0x.

GoodGhosting Launches

GoodGhosting is a gamified savings account. You simply specify how long and how much you would like to save, and the platform will match you with others with similar goals.

dYdX LINK-USD Perpetual Market Now Live

Traders can trade this new market with up to 8x leverage with no expiry. The contracts have been audited by Open Zeppelin, and are fully open-sourced.

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