EthHub Weekly #184

Polygon and EY team up, Optimism announces major upgrade, Hop now supports Arbitrum, Uniswap launches auto router and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[Sponsored] DeFi users, you no longer need to pay expensive and unpredictable interest rates on your ETH-backed loans. Liquity, an immutable and governance-free borrowing protocol, allows you to borrow interest-free against your ETH. Loans are paid out in LUSD — a USD pegged stablecoin, and need to maintain a minimum collateral ratio as low as 110%. Get started here.  

🤪 Ups and Downs

Well that was quite a wild week in the crypto markets hey? At time of writing the price of ETH is hovering just above $3,000 as it dumped due to a global equities sell-off that seems to have been caused by some real estate industry troubles in China. You’ve probably seen all the hot takes about this on Twitter by now so I won’t give mine but be sure to listen in to the podcast tomorrow for Eric and I’s thoughts.

I made 2 media appearances over the last week - one was on Bankless’ new show Layer 0 where David Hoffman and I talked about all things Ethereum, life, and beyond (watch that here) and the other was on the Staking Mondays podcast to talk about all things staking and eth2 (watch that here).

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

😬 OpenSea Confirms Executive Used Insider Knowledge When Buying NFTs

On Tuesday, OpenSea co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer said that Chastain had been asked to resign from his position at the startup.

"When we launched OpenSea, there was only one collection on our platform: CryptoKitties. Today, there are 20 million NFTs to discover on OpenSea," he wrote. "We owe this growth to the vibrant community of creators and collectors who use our platform every day, and we have a strong obligation to this community to move it forward responsibly and diligently. The behavior of one of our employees violated that obligation and, yesterday, we requested and accepted his resignation."

Finzer said that a previously announced investigation is ongoing "but we are committed to quickly implementing its recommendations."

⚖️ Binance to Abandon Decentralized HQ Concept After Some Regulators Think it’s ‘Dodgy’

Crypto exchange Binance is poised to shift away from its long-standing "decentralized headquarters" narrative as it faces global regulatory headwinds.

In a TV interview with the South China Morning Post on Thursday, Binance co-founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao was asked how Binance is getting itself ready to apply for licenses in jurisdictions that have clearer licensing regimes. 

In response, Zhao acknowledged that Binance's pitch over the past several years that it is a global, decentralized operation with no headquarters does not go down well with regulators.

"Four years ago when we started it, we wanted to embrace the decentralized model so we wanted to have decentralized teams everywhere. But we do run one centralized exchange, which is the biggest part of our business. Now we have come to realize that for the regulators, we need to be centralized," he said, during the interview.

Project Updates

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #48

Ethereum mainnet attack, Travis CI security issue, Merge — engine API design, Beacon chain upgrade — Altair on mainnet in October, All core dev meeting, Verkle Tree presentation, and more community update.

Arbitrum Sequencer Suffers Brief Downtime

The Arbitrum Sequencer was down for approximately 45 minutes on September 14th due to a bug that caused the sequencer to get stuck when it received a very large burst of transactions in a short period of time.

The Future of Optimistic Ethereum

One-click deploy is coming in October for Optimistic Ethereum as OE will now have EVM equivalence meaning that no modifications need to be made to the code of any app already running on Ethereum layer 1.

Polygon and EY Team Up

Polygon have started a collaboration with EY, a global professional services and technology firm, on building Ethereum scaling and enterprise solutions. The first release is Polygon Nightfall, a privacy-focused rollup.

Hop Protocol Adds Arbitrum Support

Users can now send USDC and USDT from Arbitrum to any Hop supported network in minutes and vice versa.

ENS and Spruce Team Up

The two teams have teamed up to build a functional Sign-in with Ethereum feature that will allow users to use their Ethereum accounts to access web services instead of accounts owned by large corporations.

Uniswap Launches Auto Router

Auto Router delivers better execution prices for traders by splitting routes, using more data, and factoring in gas costs.

Zapper Quests Season 2 Announced

This season builds on the success of Season 1 with an introduction to Zapperverse Lore and exciting new mechanisms including rarity levels, crafting, and Volts.

Morty’s Introduced

Martingale shares (Morty’s) represent fractional ownership of classes of NFTs. They do not require buyouts or oracles, but instead rely on a random Martingale settlement process.

Loomlock Detailed

Loomlock is a physical lockout device that is designed to give you back control of your life from addictions and vices. A Loomlock comes with a built-in timer, and until that timer reaches zero, the Loomlock remains locked.

Zodiac Unveiled

Zodiac is a composable design philosophy for DAOs and a collection of tools built according to an open standard. The zodiac open standard enables DAOs to act more like constellations, connecting platforms, protocols, and chains, no longer confined to monolithic designs.

Immutable Raises $60 Million

Immutable has raised $60 million in a Series B funding round to bolster its non-fungible token (NFT) trading infrastructure. The round was led by BITKRAFT Ventures and King Rival Capital.

OpenSea Mobile App Intoduced

Discover NFTs by category, track the latest drops, and follow the collections you love with the new OpenSea mobile app.

Staking v2 Live on mStable

You can now earn MTA rewards, swap fees and Balancer tokens in v2 of the mStable staking system.

Optics Bridge Now Live

Users can now bridge any ERC-20 token between any supported network (with Ethereum, Polygon and Celo currently supported).

EnterDAO Whitepaper Published

In this whitepaper, EnterDAO details their core products, roadmap, token distribution and more.

0xMaki Steps Down from Sushiswap Lead Role

An anonymous leader at decentralized exchange protocol Sushiswap - 0xMaki - has stepped down from his leadership position with the project and into an advisory role.

Domination Finance Raises $3.2 Million

The round was led by ParaFi Capital with participation from a wide range of other investors.

Forefront Raises $2.1 Million

The raise was done via a community driven treasury diverisation round that was led by 1kx and Scalar capital with participation from other funds and angels.

LayerZero Introduced

LayerZero bills itself as “an omnichain interoperability protocol” that aims to connect all chains in a seamless way.

Aztec Protocol Updates

Gas efficiency improved on Aztec’s rollup, founders Zac and Joe make an appearance on Epicenter, Aztec team continues to grow and more. Aztec 2.0 updates were also detailed here.

Tracer Perpetual Pools Live on Arbitrum

Perpetual Pools is a new financial primitive that enables anybody to take a short or long position on any underlying asset. These positions are non-liquidatable, fully collateralised, fully-fungible and can exist perpetually without upkeep. You can now trade these perpetual pools on Arbitrum.

1inch and Oasis Team Up

The integration provides Oasis users with cheaper swap rates and better security, while also expanding 1inch’s reach in the DeFi space.

Oasis Multiply Now Live

You can now increase your exposure on MakerDAO up to 4x in a single click using the Oasis Multiply feature.

Unirep Introduced

Unirep is a protocol that allows users to receive and give reputation anonymously and prove their own reputation on other platforms that support the protocol.

Smol Puddle Launched

Smol Puddle is the first ERC721 Market for Arbitrum with a decentralized orderbook using Waku and 99.9% client-side powered.

Nested AMMs Introduced

Nested AMM is an AMM design which can handle multiple related tokens, and money (stablecoins). It allows for low-slippage trades between the related tokens, and higher slippage when trading with money.

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EthHub Weekly #183

Rocket Pool gets a mainnet date, Gitcoin Grants Round 11 now live, EnterDAO announced and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

💸 Gitcoin Season

Well it’s that time for the year again when we all get out or ETH or DAI and donate to our favorite projects on Gitcoin Grants during a matching round ($950,000 of matching funds is up for grabs this time). Of course, if you’d like to support our ongoing work at EthHub you can donate to our grant here but definitely don’t stop there as there are plenty of other amazing projects for you to donate to!

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💳 Mastercard Acquires CipherTrace to Boost Crypto Security and Compliance

Payment services company Mastercard has acquired blockchain analytics firm CipherTrace to bolster its own cyber security tools and to better comply with crypto regulatory guidelines, according to an announcement on Thursday. The amount offered for the acquisition remains undisclosed. 

“With the rapid growth of the digital asset ecosystem comes the need to ensure it is trusted and safe,” said Ajay Bhalla, president of Cyber and Intelligence at Mastercard, in the statement. “Our aim is to build upon the complementary capabilities of Mastercard and CipherTrace to do just this.”

In addition to gathering data in the crypto space, CipherTrace publishes yearly reports about the trends in the crypto ecosystem and has built compliance tools for decentralized exchanges. 

🤔 Brian Armstrong Responds to SEC Threats to Shut Down Coinbase Yield Product

Crypto exchange Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded Tuesday evening to planned enforcement by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission pertaining to the firm’s recently announced yield-generating product.

The firm, which went public on the Nasdaq stock exchange in April, received a subpoena by the SEC less than three months after it announced to the market a product, dubbed Lend, that would allow users the opportunity to earn yields on deposits of USDC on its platform. That's a much juicer yield than what is offered by consumer banks, which provide less than a basis point for savings accounts.

Armstrong said that the exchange contacted the SEC about its yield product and the SEC told Coinbase that the offering is a security but gave no guidance on the compliance with existing laws.

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 10 September 2021

Updates on the Beacon Chain, Altair, The Merge, staking and more in this weeks what’s new in eth2.

Lido DAO Approves Research Grant for Obol

Obol Technologies received a $100,000 LDO grant from Lido to research Secret Shared Validator technology.

Rocket Pool Details Mainnet Launch

The Rocket Pool mainnet will go live on the 6th of October 2021 with a set of launch Oracle DAO members, a new bug bounty program and information on their audits.

Dai Almost Ready for Arbitrum

Maker Protocol’s Engineering CU are working to connect Dai to Arbitrum and will conduct a final audit of the Custom DAI Gateway before the launch.

Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Now Live

The largest matching pool ever ($950,000) will be paid out to grants on the Gitcoin platform - go donate to your favorite projects to spread the love!

LaLiga Joins Sorare

One of the most popular leagues in sports ever, LaLiga becomes the first of the top 5 world football leagues to enter the NFT space utilizing Sorare’s layer 2 platform.

Introducing Sherlock

Sherlock is a risk management platform built on Ethereum and designed to keep end users protected by providing affordable and scalable coverage to protocols.

Introducing Deevy

Deevy is a randomized trading game with unique sets generated and stored on chain inspired by Loot and Andre’s Rarity.

Polygon and Mina Team Up

The projects have teamed up to build a bridge that will enable developers building dapps on Polygon to leverage privacy and verifiability via Mina's zk-SNARK-based protocol.

Oiler Community Update #1

In this new fortnightly series update, the Oiler team will be sharing a high-level overview on what’s keeping the team at Oiler busy behind the scenes.

Atek Cloud Announced

Atek is a personal cloud for small home servers like Raspberry Pis. It uses peer-to-peer tech to connect your devices so you can share posts, photos, chats, and applications with the privacy and control you want.

EPNS Governance Detailed

EPNS is has launched their governance framework along with a roadmap of Progressive Decentralized Governance.

EnterDAO Announced

EnterDAO is a decentralized organization on the Ethereum blockchain founded with the mission to build products enabling new markets within the metaverse economy.

Introducing NFT Floor Price Markets

These new markets are now live on Polymarket and allow you to go long or short on the “floor price” of CryptoPunks, Blitmaps, Bored Apes and Loot NFTs.

Lyra Introduces Trial Liquidity Mining Program

This trial liquidity mining program is designed to increase the supply of sUSD on OE and enable a better experience for Lyra’s traders and liquidity providers.

Zapper Product Update #3

Wallet avatars, NFT mania and more in this product update from Zapper.

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EthHub Weekly #182

Arbitrum One now live, MetaMask surpasses 10 million MAUs, zkSync 2.0 developer update and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[Sponsored] DeFi users, you no longer need to pay expensive and unpredictable interest rates on your ETH-backed loans. Liquity, an immutable and governance-free borrowing protocol, allows you to borrow interest-free against your ETH. Loans are paid out in LUSD — a USD pegged stablecoin, and need to maintain a minimum collateral ratio as low as 110%. Get started here.  

💰 Just Bull Market Things

Well, August was an absolutely crazy month for Ethereum thanks to NFT mania and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down with ETH on the cusp of achieving a new all time high (it’s hovering around $3,950 at time of writing). I remember just a couple of months ago people were calling for another 2 year bear-market and saying that the “party was over” - funny how fast things change, huh?

Oh and don’t forget to catch Eric on Bankless’ new Layer 0 podcast here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

⚖️ SEC Investigating Uniswap Labs

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly investigating Uniswap Labs, the startup behind the largest decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The Wall Street Journal reported the news on Friday, citing "people familiar with the matter." Enforcement attorneys are said to be seeking information about how investors use Uniswap and how it is marketed.

A Uniswap Labs spokesperson told The Journal that the firm is is “committed to complying with the laws and regulations governing our industry and to providing information to regulators that will assist them with any inquiry.” An SEC spokesperson declined to comment to the news outlet, saying the agency doesn’t confirm or deny investigations.

🤔 Centre Consortium Announces New Team to Create Global Network of Stablecoins

Centre, the consortium founded by Circle and Coinbase that oversees the USDC stablecoin, has announced a new team to expand globally in the coming years.

The new team comprises of six people, including C-suite executives — John Shipman as chief commercial officer, Mark duBose as chief risk and compliance officer, Beth Zolkind as chief financial officer, Chad Richman as senior counsel, Jessica Gardner as business operations manager, and Kevin Mills as graduate project manager. They all have joined Centre in recent months and have previously worked at firms such as PwC Australia, Circle, Robin Hood Foundation, Fenwick & West, and Clearfield Capital.

With its core team in place, Centre now wants to create a "global network of stablecoins," CEO David Puth told The Block in an interview. "We have been working on building up partners overseas with whom we can ultimately connect interoperable stablecoins built to Center standards in other countries similar to USDC," said Puth.

Project Updates

Core Dev Apprenticeship Program Second Cohort Announced

Aspiring Ethereum core developers can apply to this program starting today with a deadline of September 13th. It will run from September 2021 to February 2022.

AllCoreDevs Update 006

In this update, Tim Beiko gives a breakdown of the pre-merge history - that is, the history of eth2, the various phases, layer 2 and more.

MetaMask Surpasses 10 Million MAU’s

From 545,080 monthly active users in July 2020 to 10,354,279 in August 2021, MetaMask has grown over 1,800% in just one year.

Arbitrum One Mainnet Now Live

Users can now bridge into Arbitrum One and start using apps such as Uniswap, SushiSwap and Balancer with low fees and fast transactions.

Offchain Labs also announced that they have raised $120 million in a Series B round.

zkSync 2.0 Developer Update

Updates on zkSync 2.0 including a delay, testnet rollout phases and how the team plans to approach a fair launch mainnet.

StarkNet Alpha 2 Detailed

With Alpha 2, StarkNet now supports composability, the main feature defining StarkNet’s Constellations phase.

OpenZeppelin also announced that they are joining the StarkNet effort.

Chainlink Live on Optimism

Chainlink price feeds are now live on the Optimistic Ethereum network. Optimism can now leverage Chainlink for inexpensive, low latency price updates in near real-time while still getting high-quality data & robust security.

Immutable X Self-Serve Now Live

Minting and trading is now open to everyone on the Immutable X platform - developers can get started here.

Blocknative Gas Estimator Browser Extension Announced

You can now access Blocknative’s industry-leading Gas Estimator right from your browser — and accurately estimate fees for legacy and EIP-1559 transactions.

Polygon Announces Hackathon

The hackathon has a cumulative prize pool of $100,000 and registrations are now open for developers.

Introducing ‘Alpha Buy Wall’

‘Alpha Buy Wall’ is a smart contract that allows anyone to bid for NFT, and provides a price floor for NFTs.

XMTP Raises $20 Million

The Series A was led by a16z with participation from various funds and many different angels. XMTP is a protocol that enables communication between existing wallets and public keys in a way that's secure and permissionless, built on top of a decentralized network.

Fei Grants Program Announced

The goal of the Fei Grants Program is to widen the base of contributors that make up our community and put more TRIBE in the hands of the people building Fei.

Floor Perps Introduced

Floor perps are synthetic NFTs that track the floor price of a given project and can be minted by locking up NFTs from that project.

DeFi Alliance Launches Gaming Accelerator

This gaming accelerator will help game startups with game design, community building, tokenomics and liquidity. It’ll be supported by the D.A.N. and an founding cast of mentors.

Hats Raises $3.5 Million

The round was led by Greenfield One with participation of Lemniscap, Spartan Capital, Accomplice, Collider Ventures, IOSG Ventures and others.

Trader Introduced

Trader allows users to instantly create a shareable trade with no platform fees and low gas costs.

Hyype Raises $1.5 Million

The seed round was led by Electric Capital with participation from some other investors.

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EthHub Weekly #181

Arbiscan now live, Optimism adds custom token bridging, Nova introduced, ENS adds DNS integration and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

⛓️ Doing the Splits

As I’m sure you’re all well aware of by now, last Friday Ethereum unfortunately had a chain split due to an exploit that was triggered on Geth v1.10.7. I’m not going to go through all the details here (for that you can read Kelvin’s thread here) but I will say that the Ethereum ecosystem definitely dodged a bullet here. This is because we got lucky that most of the important network nodes had upgraded to Geth v1.10.8 before this exploit was triggered (thus protecting them from it). Anyway, as always, Eric and I will be talking about this and the rest of the weeks news in more detail on the podcast - subscribe here so that you don’t miss it!

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

⚖️ Ontario Securities Regulator Bars the Country's First Registered Crypto Platforms from Trading Tether

The Ontario Securities Commission has barred a pair of trading platforms that offer crypto services from trading Tether, according to regulatory documents issued in recent weeks.

Both based in Toronto, Wealthsimple and Coinberry are the first companies of their kind allowed into what the Canadian Securities Administrators term "an interim, time-limited registration framework that would allow crypto asset platforms to operate within a regulated environment, with regulatory requirements tailored to the crypto asset platform's operations."

Yet those approvals appear to limit these platforms to a select number of approved cryptocurrencies, naming bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash and litecoin in particular.

🏀 NBA Icon Stephen Curry Buys Bored Ape NFT for $180,000

Three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP Stephen Curry has decided to join the Bored Ape Yacht Club, picking up one of their NFTs for 55 ETH ($180,000).

Bored Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 10,000 apes with dour expressions. They feature a range of attributes, ranging from different expressions to outfits, hairdoos and even having cheetah fur.

Curry's bored ape in particular has blue fur, zombie eyes and is wearing a tweed suit. The last two are particularly rare attributes, with only 3% of apes having zombie eyes and 1% of apes wearing tweed suits.

Project Updates

Ethereum Projects Donate to Core Development

Compound, Kraken, Lido, Synthetix, The Graph, and Uniswap have donated $250,000 each to support Ethereum execution-layer client teams.

What’s New in Eth2 - 27 August 2021

The usual eth2 update from Ben with coverage of the Beacon Chain, links to explainers, media and more.

Finalized No. 28

In this update, Danny Ryan details the road to Altair - from the Pyrmont and Prater forks to mainnet.

Coinbase to Support Ethereum Scaling Solutions

Coinbase are hiring more people for their Protocol team in order to add support for Ethereum scaling solutions. They’ll be starting with Polygon and then adding others such as Optimism, Arbitrum and StarkWare over time.

Nova Introduced

Nova allows for trustlessly relaying arbitrary contract calls between L2 and L1. With Nova you can make trades on L1 Uniswap, ape into L1 NFTs and use L1 AAVE— all from L2.

Hoptimism Introduced

Hoptimism is the first “fast bridge” from Hop Protocol that connects Optimism to Ethereum and other scaling solutions.

Optimism Adds Custom Token Bridging

The new Gateway interface enables arbitrary token deposits and withdrawals to Optimistic Ethereum.

Arbiscan Now Live

You can now browse through the Arbitrum One chain by using this Etherscan-like block explorer.

L2Beat Updated

The layer 2 tracking website now has a risk view, new research and more.

Lyra Finance Now Live on Optimism

Lyra is the first project to be designed natively for OΞ, accessing a design space that is unbounded by the constraints of L1. Lyra allows users to buy and sell different options products.

ENS Adds Full DNS Integration

This integration enables a DNS domain owner to import it for use on ENS - for example, Google can now attach their Ethereum address to and have it work exactly like google.eth would.

Shadowy Super Coder Pack Launched

The Shadowy Super Coder pack includes specially-designed Shadowy Coder NFTs and various exclusive perks that are worth $300 million USD from various infrastructure partners.

Introducing Ribbon V2

Ribbon v2 focuses on 3 main components: decentralization of the vaults, rebuilding the vault accounting system and governable vault parameters.

Maple Lock-Up Period Reduced

Lenders now only need to lock-up their funds in the Maple protocol for 90 days instead of 180 days and this applies to both new and existing deposits.

Euler Raises $8 Million

The Series A round was led by Paradigm with participation from Lemniscap and angels.

Introducing Element’s Treasury Management Initiative

In this post, Charles St.Louis from the Element Finance team details how Element is making it easier for DAO’s to manage their treasuries.

Aave Governance Cross-Chain Bridges Introduced

These bridges offer a unique set of tools to enable true cross-chain governance on Ethereum — that the Aave community can consider adopting.

a16z Open Sources Their Token Delegate Program

a16z has decided shared their token delegate program with the community and to open source all of its component parts.

Introducing Tracer's Perpetual Pools

Perpetual Pools allow anyone to acquire low-cost, leveraged exposure to any asset with zero risk of liquidation, zero trust in a centralized party, and zero limits set on leverage.

IMX Public Sale Announced

The sale will take place on the 8th of September via CoinList - IMX is the native token of the Immutable X layer 2 network.

Loopring Now Supports NFTs on L2

Loopring zkRollup now supports NFT minting, trading, and transfers, directly on L2 with any NFT minted on L2 able to be withdrawn to L1.

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EthHub Weekly #180

Visa buys a CryptoPunk, Coinbase to buy $500mil worth of crypto, Optimism community launch, Fractional raises $7.9 million, RARE token introduced and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

🤯 Visa and Punks

The biggest news of the last week was that Visa announced that they had purchased a CryptoPunk because they consider it to be an “historic commerce artifact”. Obviously this is game-changing news and I wrote a little bit about why here but you should all definitely listen in to the EthHub podcast tomorrow to hear Eric and I give our thoughts - after all, Eric is a punk maxi!

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💰 Coinbase Ready to Purchase $500 Million Worth of Crypto

Brokerage firm Coinbase has the green light from its board to purchase more than $500 million worth of crypto on its balance sheet, according to a tweet from its chief executive officer Brian Armstrong. 

The firm, which is known for helping publicly traded companies make large bitcoin purchases, will also be investing 10% of all future profits in crypto. 

"I expect this percentage to keep growing over time as this crypto economy matures," Armstrong said

A blog penned by Coinbase's chief financial officer Alesia Haas indicated that the purchase would include Ethereum as well as other assets tied to the decentralized financial world. 

⚖️ Binance Enforces Mandatory KYC On All Users Amid Mounting Regulatory Pressure

Binance has said it's now requiring all users to complete Intermediate Verification amid mounting compliance pressure from worldwide regulators.

The world's largest exchange said in an announcement on Friday that effective immediately, all new users now must complete Intermediate Verification to access Binance's services, including cryptocurrency deposits, trades and withdrawals.

Binance said the move comes as it reviews its products and services on an ongoing basis to "determine changes and improvements in light of evolving global compliance standards."

Per Binance's Identity Verification process, an Intermediate Verification includes the submissions of government-issued ID as well as facial verification.

Project Updates

Ethereum Cat Herders Mid-Year Report

This report covers all the work that the Cat Herders completed through Q2 and Q3 of 2021.

Lodestar Releases Light Client Prototype

In this post, Lodestar details what their light client prototype is and what it means for Ethereum.

Optimism Community Launch

Any project that meets the launch criteria can apply to be whitelisted on the Optimism mainnet and will be approved within 2 weeks.

The Graph also added support for Optimism.

Warp Introduced

Warp will allow developers to take their battle-tested, audited Ethereum smart contracts, transpile them to Cairo, and deploy them on StarkNet seamlessly.

Rainbow Adds Additional Network Support

The Rainbow mobile wallet app now supports Optimism, Arbitrum and the Polygon PoS chain.

CryptoPunk Images and Attributes Now On-Chain

You can visit this contract on Etherscan and query directly for the Cryptopunk images as either a raw set of pixels or an SVG. You can also query for a Cryptopunk's attributes.

Tally Wallet Introduced

Tally is a community owned and operated Web3 wallet, building off the road the early MetaMask team paved for the Ethereum community.

Ledger Adds Lido Support

Users can now stake their ETH directly from their Ledger by using the Lido liquid staking service.

Reintroducing Glass

Glass is on a mission to reform internet video from the infrastructure to the experience of living as a creator. In this post, the team details the path that they’re taking to achieve this mission.

Introducing Impersonator

Impersonator allows you to log in to DApps by impersonating any Ethereum address via WalletConnect.

Blocknative Adds Polygon Support

Polygon support is available via the Blocknative API, SDK, Mempool Explorer, Notify, and Onboard.

Polygon Ecosystem DAO Announced

With this DAO the Polygon team welcomes all active community members and DeFi projects to pitch in ideas to chalk out this idea to bring DeFi to the next million users.

Fractional Raises $7.9 Million

The seed round was led by Paradigm with participation from Robot Ventures, Delphi Digital, Variant Fund, Divergence Ventures, Flamingo DAO, Mechanism Capital, among other major ecosystem contributors.

Introducing the Balancer Grants DAO

Balancer Grants DAO will function as an independent community-owned grants program for the Balancer ecosystem. The first cycle will last 3 months and has a budget of 20,000 BAL (~$500K at today’s valuation) to distribute to Balancer Grantees.

Wallet Avatar Customization Added to Zapper

From your Zapper dashboard, hover over your avatar icon to prompt an edit button to appear. Click & select an NFT you own as your new wallet avatar.

Mirror WRITE Airdrop

An airdrop of 302 WRITE tokens has been distributed amongst Mirror’s most active members.

OpenZeppelin Governor Introduced

OpenZeppelin Governor is a governance system which is now available for use in OpenZeppelin’s open source smart contract library and in Defender.

BarnBridge Announces SMART Alpha

SMART Alpha creates single-asset pools for any non-rebasing ERC-20 with a Chainlink price feed. SMART Alpha has a target release between Labor Day and mid-September.

RARE Token Introduced

The RARE token will be used for curation within the SuperRare ecosystem across their Spaces, DAO and other products.

Power Perpetual Detailed

Power perpetuals provide global options-like exposure without the need for either strikes or expiries, giving them the potential to consolidate much of options market liquidity into a single instrument.

ZK Open Legal Working Group Introduced

11 projects have teamed up to create legal clarity around the use of ZKPs to unleash their full potential for privacy and scaling applications.

Introducing the Lyra Launch Council

The Lyra Launch Council is a community elected group that will oversee the launch of the protocol and token.

Boba Network Announced

Boba Network is a layer 2 optimistic rollup that reduces gas fees, improves transaction throughput, and extends the capabilities of smart contracts.

Ondo Finance Raises $4 Million

Pantera Capital led the round with CoinFund, Protoscale Capital, The LAO and Digital Currency Group also participating.

Euler New Website and Rebrand

Euler’s website got a refresh and they now have a new logo.

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