EthHub Weekly #126

Medalla testnet live, Set v2 announced, Personal Token Agency announced, Hermez introduced and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

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👨‍🌾 Stay Up To Date on Yield Farming

Our good friends over at DeFi Pulse have launched a brand new newsletter called ‘DeFi Pulse Farmer’. In this newsletter, you’ll find weekly trends on the latest yield farming opportunities along with an overview on the top stories in DeFi. I highly recommend subscribing here!

The Randomness Summit was announced by ETHGlobal this week which is a one day conference on August 13th for Randomness Beacon research and deployments - you can register for it here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💸 PayPal to Reportedly Offer Crypto Trading Through Paxos Partnership

Digital payments giant PayPal reportedly plans to facilitate cryptocurrency trading through a new partnership with stablecoin operator Paxos. Industry news outlet Coindesk reported on Monday that PayPal plans to introduce crypto trading through Paxos’ new brokerage service.

The report follows the July 15 announcement of Paxos’ launch of a crypto brokerage that enables other firms to integrate crypto trading functionalities. The service can be used through a simple application programming interface integration and also manages regulatory compliance. According to Coindesk, PayPal will use this new service to deliver its crypto trading features.

⚖️ US Lawmakers Don’t Want Proof-of-Stake Networks to Get Overtaxed

Crypto holders earning new tokens by staking their coins might be at risk of being overtaxed, believe several members of Congress.

Four lawmakers wrote a letter to the Internal Revenue Service Wednesday, asking the U.S. tax agency to ensure stakers don’t face tax liabilities for receiving block rewards before they sell their new tokens.

“It is possible the taxation of ‘staking’ rewards as income may overstate taxpayers’ actual gains from participating in this new technology,” the letter said. “It could also result in a reporting and compliance nightmare, for taxpayers and the Service alike.”

The caucus clarified staking rewards should be taxed appropriately. “We believe that taxpayers’ true gains from these tokens should indeed be taxed,” the letter said.

Abraham Sutherland, a lecturer at the University of Virginia, told CoinDesk these concerns include the fact that staking protocols could create new blocks – and therefore, release new tokens – every few minutes, hours or days. Each of these blocks could be treated as an independent taxable event, meaning taxpayers could potentially have hundreds of taxable events every year, which would be a headache for both the taxpayer and the IRS to assess, he said.

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 8 August 2020

An overview of the recent Medalla testnet launch, the attacknets, BLS news and much more from Ben in his weekly eth2 update.

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #55 —Medalla Testnet

Recap of the Medalla testnet launch, the usual developer updates, an announcement of a new team member joining the PryLabs team, upcoming work and more.

Development Update #4 –

Fresh illustrations, new page designs, a new framework for the website, now available in 30 languages and more in this development update.

Eth2 Quick Update #14

A summary of the Medalla launch (bit dated now) and an update on the eth2 attacknet launch in this quick update from Danny Ryan.

yEarn yDAO Summoned

yDAO is a new DAO for the yEarn platform created by DAOhaus. It will be used to fund value-added contributions to the yEarn ecosystem, is open for anyone to request funding for yEarn related tasks, is focused solely on funding projects, not on protocol-level governance and more.

Introducing Set V2

Set V2 is a major upgrade coming to Set Protocol that will include new features such as multi-asset support, yield farming support, gas cost savings and more.

First Credit Delegation on Aave

Aave announced that DeversiFi, a decentralized exchange, was the first one to experiment with Credit Delegation by drawing a credit line from a Credit Delegation Vault.

yBorrow Launched

yBorrow allows LPs to create vaults and assign credit via Aave from which borrowers can draw their credit line. Credit delegation supports smart contract to smart contract. You can delegate to a yVault and farm yield with the borrowing asset you prefer.

DeFi Saver Launches Aave Dashboard

This new interface allows users to manage their Aave portfolio, boost & repay their positions in 1 transaction and full automation support is coming soon.

Introducing yDai

yDai is the first product built using the Yield Protocol. yDai will allow fixed-rate, fixed-term borrowing and lending of Dai, and will reveal the Dai yield curve.

Introducing the Personal Token Agency

The Personal Token Agency is a project spun up by Cooper Turley that aims to be the first talent agency for personal token creators. The agency is being set up to establish best practices around personal tokens.

GridPlus Update: August 7th 2020

This past month the Grid+ team shipped Lattice1s to Ethereum developers and testers, external devs have had Prysmatic Labs’ eth2 validator client running on the device, the pace of GRID redemption by energy customers accelerated, ENS support has been integrated into their web wallet, and their CTO Alex Miller’s MetaMask fork including Lattice1 support has been tested and is functioning smoothly.

Hermez Introduced

Hermez is a new zk-rollup created by Iden3’s Labs. It uses SNARKs for validity proofs with on-chain data availability and can scale Ethereum to 2000 transactions per second.

dYdX Launches ETH-USD Perpetual Contract

The ETH-USD Perpetual Contract is live for trading on dYdX. Traders can get up to 10× leverage on their ETH without converting to any other token.

IDEX Raises $2.5mil Seed Round

The round was led by G1 Ventures and Borderless Capital, with participation from Collider Ventures and Ethereum prediction market project Gnosis.

Etherscan Homepage Updated

Everyone’s favorite block explorer got a face-lift this week and I personally think it looks great!

Reflexer Labs Raises $1.7M

The seed round was led by Paradigm, with participation from Standard Crypto, Compound founder Robert Leshner and Variant Fund, from a16z alum Jesse Walden.

Chicago DeFi Alliance Launches Accelerator Program

This new accelerator program will be devoted entirely to decentralized finance (DeFi) startups. The program will invest $120,000 in each participating team for future token purchases.

Power Pool Announced

Power Pool is an experimental protocol that is designed to help people accumulate governance tokens.

Dark Forest Announced

Dark Forest is an MMO space-conquest game where players discover and conquer planets in an infinite, procedurally-generated, cryptographically-specified universe.

Strike Protocol Monthly Update

A healthy update for the month of July from the Strike Protocol team covering their revamped UI, some stats/metrics and more.

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EthHub Weekly #125

Ethereum turns 5, teams submit solutions for Reddit's scaling competition, Aave's token gets a revamp, Coinbase launches Dai rewards and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[Sponsored] mStable is an Ethereum DeFi project that unites stablecoins, lending and swapping into one standard. By reducing complexity and fragmentation, mStable is a step-change in the usability of stablecoins.

They’re currently hiring for positions in Ethereum development, token engineering, governance and dApp development. If this is something that you’re interested in, feel free to shoot an email to

🥳 Happy 5th Birthday Ethereum

Last week Ethereum celebrated its 5th birthday aka the 5th anniversary of the its genesis block - and what a 5 years it has been! I put together a short cap here in The Daily Gwei and DeFi Dad put together an excellent piece about what Ethereum looks like 5 years in for CoinDesk here (seriously, go read it).

Justin Drake from the Ethereum Foundation announced this week that they are building an internal security team dedicated to eth2! Fuzzing, bounty hunting, pager duty, cryptoeconomic modelling, applied cryptanalysis, formal verification - if any of these words mean anything to you, feel free to shoot an email to with your application.

I joined a Kraken webinar last week to talk Ethereum and DeFi alongside Ryan Sean Adams, Andrew Keys and William Mougayar - you can watch that here. I also joined Alex Saunders of Nuggets News for our monthly Ethereum recap video here.

Finally, if you’re interested in being part of a “launch viewing” for the official eth2 phase 0 multiclient testnet (Madella) which is going live at 12:30UTC on August 4th then head here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

😬 Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Loses 1M Email Addresses in Data Theft

Hardware wallet company Ledger said Wednesday that it suffered a data breach of its marketing and e-commerce database in late June.

Contact and order information for customers was exposed, but the firm said payment information and crypto funds were unaffected. Affected customers have now been notified via email, according to Ledger, which detailed the specifics behind the breach in a blog post published early Wednesday.

Ledger first realized the vulnerability when a researcher participating in the firm's bounty program got in touch about a potential breach on the Ledger website on July 14. Though Ledger said it immediately patched the breach and opened an internal investigation, it realized the vulnerability had already been exploited weeks earlier, on June 25, when a third party accessed the marketing and e-commerce database using an API key that has since been deactivated.

🚓 Officials Arrest 3 Allegedly Behind Twitter Hack

The FBI and local officials have arrested three individuals who allegedly committed the largest hack in Twitter’s history. 

Florida resident Graham Clark was arrested Friday morning, according to Florida news channel WFLA. State Attorney Andrew Warren filed 30 felony charges, including organized fraud, communications fraud, fraudulent use of personal information and access to computer or electronic devices without authority, WFLA reported.

Federal officials are also charging Nima Fazeli and Mason John Sheppard with aiding in the “intentional access of a protected computer” and conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering, according to criminal complaints published Friday.

Warren intends to try Clark, who is 17 years old, as an adult; Florida law allows minors to be charged as adults in some financial fraud cases.

The Twitter hack compromised the accounts of top cryptocurrency exchanges, and prominent crypto twitter accounts (including CoinDesk), before moving on to mainstream accounts including Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Kanye West, Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. 

Project Updates

Submissions Roll In for the Reddit Scaling Competition

22 projects and teams submitted their scaling implementations to Reddit’s scaling competition including StarkWare, Fuel Labs, MatterLabs and more. You can check out all of them here.

🔥_🔥 Introduced

🔥_🔥 is a collective of passionate crypto natives fully entrenched in the web 3 world, designing strong token economic and governance systems for major players in DeFi and beyond.

Coinbase Launches Dai Rewards

Coinbase customers in the US, UK, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Australia can now access a 2% APY on their Dai through Coinbase.

Aave’s Token Gets a Revamp

The Aave team introduced their new tokenomics upgrade proposal this week which includes key things such as a migration from LEND to AAVE at a 100:1 basis, the introduction of a safety module, liquidity mining and more.

State of Synthetix H2 2020

Founder of Synthetix, Kain Warwick, gives a run down of where the project/protocol is today and plans for the future.

Synthetix also released an update announcing that the Synthetix Foundation has been decommissioned and the protocol is now under the control of three distinct DAO’s: the protocolDAO, the grantsDAO, and the synthetixDAO.

Matter Labs Introduces zkPorter

zkPorter is a new L2 scaling technique combining zkRollup and sharding in a highly scalable yet atomically composable blockchain network.

mStable EARN Goes Live

EARN consolidates all of mStable’s incentivised liquidity pools into one place, and lets anyone track their Meta rewards in real time.

FuelPlaysPokemon Demo Now Live

Fuel Labs created a demo of their optimistic rollup technology using the infamous TwitchPlaysPokemon game - check it out here.

Loopring Monthly Update — 2020/07

Updates on on-going audits, hummingbot, new pairs and liquidity mining added to the exchange, advanced orders added to the relayer and more.

UMA’s Liquidity Mining Program Now Live

Farmers can earn UMA by providing the yUSD “Yield Dollar” token into a 50/50 yUSD <> USDC pool on Balancer.

The Graph Launches Incentivized Testnet

The Graph’s incentivized testnet, Mission Control, is a competition where Indexers can operate nodes, complete missions and contribute to improving The Graph Network ahead of mainnet launch.

Gnosis Safe Multisig Mobile Beta Announced

You can now download the beta version of the app here. In this first version, users have access to read-only features after adding a Safe. In the future, the team is planning to add functionality to initiate and sign transactions from mobile

KeeperDAO Raises Seed Funding

KeeperDAO raised a “seven-figure” seed round led by Polychain Capital and Three Arrows Capital.

Introducing Short DAI

Using InstaDApp, you can create a short position by up to 14x via a Maker USDC Vault in a single click without price volatility risk.

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #26

Updates on client diversity, state bloat, Medalla testnet, Eth2 attacknets and more.

Introducing Boardroom

Boardroom is a universal governance dashboard and SDK for DeFi and cryptocurrency protocols.

EPNS Whitepaper Published

You can now read all about the technical aspects of the Ethereum Push Notification Service in their shiny new whitepaper.

Dharma Mobile Gets an Upgrade

You can now trade thousands of tokens using Dharma’s Uniswap integration and pay zero gas fees while doing so. The Dharma app also got a fresh coat of paint! Translation Program: Milestone and Updates

467 volunteers from 52 language groups have helped make accessible to non-English speaking communities in their mother tongues.

Reality Cards Update

Two new markets now live along with minor changes to the platform.

Augur V2 Goes Live

The Augur v2 protocol contracts have been successfully deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet which means it’s now live!

Luxor Released

Luxor is a decentralized data spreadsheet that includes support for Ethereum. You can watch a demo video here.

Turbo-Geth Public Alpha Now Live

You can check it out here.

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EthHub Weekly #124

Madella eth2 multi-client testnet announced, yEarn v2 announced, new Zerion goes live, Yield Dollar now live and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

📈 A Crazy Week for ETH

ETH, for the first time in a long time, is up over 30% over the last 7 days which is causing people to ask the question: is it 2017 again? Well, probably not! But it does seem like a “bull market” is starting to form again over the last few months as we’ve seen the so called “DeFi tokens” have incredible runs and now ETH is seemingly joining the party. Eric and I will be discussing more of our thoughts around this weeks price action on the weekly recap podcast here and you can also read this piece I wrote about it here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

🏦 Banks in US Can Now Offer Crypto Custody Services, Regulator Says

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is letting all nationally chartered banks in the U.S. provide custody services for cryptocurrencies.

In a public letter dated July 22, Senior Deputy Comptroller and Senior Counsel Jonathan Gould wrote that any national bank can hold onto the unique cryptographic keys for a cryptocurrency wallet, clearing the way for national banks to hold digital assets for their clients.

The letter marks a major development for the crypto industry. Previously, custody was the province of specialist firms, such as Coinbase, which typically needed a state license, such as a trust charter, to offer the service to large investors. Now, large, regulated financial companies that already provide similar safekeeping services for stock certificates and the like could enter the fray.

The letter, which appears to be addressed to an unidentified bank or similar entity, notes that banks “may offer more secure storage services compared to existing options,” and that both consumers and investment advisors may wish to use regulated custodians to ensure they don’t lose their private keys, and therefore, access to their funds.

🤔 NBA Player Spencer Dinwiddie’s Token Sale Hits 10% of $13.5M Goal

Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie fought the NBA for months over his plan to tokenize his $34 million contract. Now, with the NBA’s concerns apparently addressed and the sale closed out, Dinwiddie’s plan hit a different obstacle: investor interest.

Dinwiddie’s issuer SD26 LLC sold just nine of the 90 available tokenized contract shares to eight total investors as of Wednesday, according to CoinDesk’s review of Form D regulatory filings and the security’s token’s issuance history on Etherscan

With shares priced at $150,000, just $1,350,000 (or one-tenth of the target $13.5 million sale) was sold. Project insiders have previously said the sale would last only until the end of July. It now appears to be closed out for good.

The sluggish sale of an innovative crypto-contract project indicates that Dinwiddie, who has become the NBA’s de-facto crypto hype man, will not succeed in garnering the $13.5 million in tokenization revenue he targeted.

Project Updates

Eth2 Validator Launchpad Released

After months of hard work from the eth2 research team, along with Consensys and DeepWork Studio, the eth2 validator launchpad (testnet version) has been released.

What’s New in Eth2 - 25 July 2020

Updates on phase 0, testnets, the usual great explainers, links to new media and more in Ben’s weekly eth2 newsletter.

Eth2 Quick Update #13

Medalla multi-client testnet gets a date (August 4th), beta attacknets launched, updates on the eth1 <> eth2 merger and more in Danny Ryan’s latest eth2 quick update.

Participtaing in the Medalla testnet? You can get a POAP for doing so. v2 Announced v2 has 3 main components; yVaults, Controller and Strategies. You can read the full details here.

The official yEarn governance forum was also announced.

Synthetix Releases Galena

Frontend updates to the Binary Options section, updates to the simple search function, Index Synths now have a composition table and more in this update from the Synthetix team.

Synthetix also announced that institional liquidity providers such as DTC Capital, Three Arrows Capital and ParaFi have joined the platform.

New Zerion Launched

You can now track the entire DeFi market from the same place as your portfolio on Zerion. Explore trending liquidity pools, Sets, crops and more.

Rotki v1.6.0 Released

This new version now has support for Aave, balance overview for all DeFi protocols, ENS support and a redesign of the accounts & balances page.

Yield Dollar Now Live

The yield dollar from UMA can be minted by staking WETH as collateral which means that traders can leverage their long positions on ETH with a fixed interest rate.

RAI Now Live on Kovan

The RAI reflex bond is now live on the Kovan testnet for the community to have a play around with.

Gnosis Bug Bounty Launched

Find bugs, get rewarded. Earn up to $100,000 for every bug you report. Head here for more details.

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EthHub Weekly #123

Zkopru announced, KeeperDAO v1 now live, Teller raises $1 million, Aave launches new features and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[SPONSORED] Kyber Network is a fully on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from diverse sources, enabling decentralized token swaps to be integrated into any application. Kyber Network aims to be the transaction layer for the decentralized economy, powering liquidity for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. 

Kyber is one of the most used and integrated DeFi protocols in the world, with over US$1 Billion worth of transactions and 1 Million transactions facilitated since its inception. Kyber supports over 80 different tokens, and powers over 100 integrated projects including popular wallets as well as DeFi platforms.

Another DApp powered by Kyber Network is the popular token swap service, which allows end users to seamlessly convert ETH and over 80 ERC20 tokens (including DAI, USDC, MKR, BAT, LINK, SNX) in a fast, simple, and secure way. 

Kyber is governed by the KyberDAO, a decentralized community platform comprising KNC holders who stake their tokens to vote on important proposals and protocol parameters, earning ETH rewards in the process.

Discord | Website | Blog | Twitter | Developer Portal | Kyber Tracker

👨‍🌾 Yield Farming Heats Up Yet Again

The yield farming craze is far from over with projects seemingly launching new “liquidity mining” programs every other day. It was just a month ago that Compound kicked off this whole craze with the launch of their COMP token but it already feels like it’s been a year - time move super fast in crypto! Eric and I will be discussing more about yield farming on this weeks podcast recap.

Want to help battle-test eth2? Well you can join Sigma Prime’s new beacon-fuzz initiative which is “a differential fuzzing solution for Eth2 clients.” Yeah, I don’t fully understand what that means either but that’s because I’m not a developer! Though, if you are a developer, you can simply head here to get involved.

I also joined the new Ethereum Entrepreneur Podcast to talk all things Ethereum - listen here!

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💰 PayPal Picks Paxos to Supply Crypto for New Service

PayPal, the fintech giant planning to bring crypto trading to its massive user base, has chosen Paxos to handle the new service’s supply of digital assets, according to two people familiar with the matter. A formal announcement of the PayPal relationship could come as soon as this week, one source said.

The offering would make PayPal one of the most prominent mainstream companies to offer cryptocurrency purchases, joining fellow publicly-traded payments provider Square and unicorn stock brokerage Robinhood.

It is not clear exactly which cryptocurrencies PayPal intends to offer and Paxos declined to comment.

😬 Prominent Twitter Accounts Hacked

A wide array of Twitter accounts owned by popular figures, large companies, and crypto exchanges were targeted Wednesday in a wide-ranging attack on Twitter.

The accounts in question — which included the likes of former U.S. president Barack Obama, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and entrepreneur Elon Musk — were used to post bitcoin giveaway scams. Twitter eventually disclosed that the hacker was able to compromise some of Twitter's employees with access to internal systems and tools and then change the email addresses associated with those accounts.

Project Updates

Eth 2.0 Dev Update #54 — So Close to Official Multi-client Testnet!

Exciting update from the PryLabs team covering the Onyx testnet, the usual code and research updates, upcoming work, and more. The team also published the results of their recent Quantstamp audit here.

Ask About Geth Launched

Team leader of Geth, Péter Szilágyi, launched a new blog post series last week called ‘Ask About Geth’ where Geth client and Ethereum protocol specific questions will be answered in depth. Check out the first post here.

Zkopru Announced

Zkopru is a layer 2 solution for private transactions that uses optimistic rollups to manage blocks and zk SNARK technology to build private transactions.

Reality Cards Announced

Reality Cards is the world’s first NFT-based prediction market where you don’t bet on an outcome, you own the outcome.

Geth v1.9.17 Now Live

This new version of Geth comes with light client database pruning, a lot fewer allocations, fixed ethstats on Görli; and more!

KeeperDAO v1 is Live

KeeperDAO is a protocol that economically incentivizes pooled participation in keeper strategies which manage liquidations, rebalances and arbitrage on DeFi applications spanning trading, exchange, and lending.

mStable Launches MTA Token

mStable launched their protocol token (MTA) over the weekend on the Mesa platform (built by Gnosis). This token will be used for governance, staking and more. The team also announced that they have received investment from Alameda Research/FTX and partnered with them for integration.

Teller Raises $1 Million

Teller is a blockchain project for decentralized lending incubated by A16Z’s crypto startup school. They announced a $1 million seed raise last week led by Framework Ventures, followed by Parafi Capital and Maven11 Capital, to build the first-ever algorithmic credit risk protocol for decentralized finance (DeFi).

Aave Launches New Features and Listings

This week, the Aave team introduced new risk parameters giving more freedom to users, new assets listed, the listing of LEND on Loopringand a brand new fiat onramp for a seamless Fiat to Yield experience. They also raised $3mil from leading investors.

Scaffold-Eth Launched

Scaffold-eth is a stack of existing tools including Buidler and create-eth-app that people can use to get started developing on Ethereum. Watch the video here for an intro.

dHedge Announced

dHedge is a new decentralised asset management protocol powered by Synthetix, which is now live on the Ropsten testnet. dHedge offers non-custodial mimetic trading for synthetic assets, using the zero-slippage and infinite liquidity trading model of Synthetix.

Gods Unchained Update

James Ferguson, CEO of Immutable and Gods Unchained, gave a detailed update this week on where Gods Unchained has been, where it is and where it’s going.

Rari Capital Now Live

Rari Capital is a yield harvesting tool that automatically rebalances your funds between different protocols to earn the best return.

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #25

Updates on account abstraction, network health, EIP-1559, Ethereum 1.x, Eth2.0, ecosystem update, and more.

DUSD Announced

DUSD is a stablecoin that is collateralized by Curve Finance liquidity provider (LP) tokens. It uses chainlink oracles for its stability mechanism. DUSD leverages Curve to handle the logic around integrating with lending protocols and token swaps.

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EthHub Weekly #122

Eth2 launch drama, MakerDAO approves new light feeds, Aave introduces Credit Delegation, Katalyst & KyberDAO now live and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

🚀 Eth2 Will Launch in 2020

The Ethereum Foundation’s eth2 research team held an AMA on Reddit a few days ago and let’s just stay it kicked up quite the stir on Twitter. In case you missed it, there was a comment from Justin Drake where he suggested that eth2 wouldn’t launch until January 3rd 2021 at the earliest. This, of course, made a lot of people upset because they were under the impression that eth2 would launch in 2020. A few minutes later, Vitalik followed up with a comment saying that eth2 is still on track for a 2020 launch. Anyway, you can read more details about this whole ordeal in my latest daily gwei piece here. Eric and I will also be talking about this on the podcast.

A quick shout out to a new newsletter that I came across called ‘The Ethernaut Diaries’. If you’re a developer, this will be a good resource for you to subscribe to - do that here.

Oh and the website got a fresh coat of paint and it looks awesome!

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💰 Coinbase Exploring Stock Market Listing

Crypto exchange Coinbase has reportedly begun preparing to go public.

A Reuters report, citing people familiar with the matter, said Coinbase's listing could come as early as this year. One source told the news outlet that the exchange is considering a direct listing instead of a traditional initial public offering (IPO). 

Should the exchange receive approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, it would become the first U.S.-based crypto exchange to become a publicly-traded company.

🤔 CENTRE Blacklists Address Holding USDC for the First Time

In a first of its kind, an Ethereum address holding 100,000 USDC stablecoin has been blacklisted. 

The transaction, viewed through blockchain explorer Etherscan, shows that a "blacklist(address investor)" function was called on June 16, 2020, by 0x5dB0115f3B72d19cEa34dD697cf412Ff86dc7E1b, an address owned by CENTRE, the entity issuing USDCs.

In USDC's Contract Application Binary Interface, the standard by which smart contracts interact with Ethereum, we can see the address named "blacklister" matches the one that called the blacklist function. According to Circle's website, a blacklisted address will not be able to execute transactions (receiving or sending) through the USDC smart contract. Additionally, Circle adds that all USDC balances held on blacklisted addresses may be "wholly and permanently unrecoverable."

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 10 July 2020

The usual round of updates from Ben including updates on phase 0, new eth2 explainers, research updates and more. Ben also added a new ‘Media’ section to the newsletter!

Lighthouse Update #27

Various updates from the Sigma Prime team covering their work on Altona, BLST, Peer Scoring and more.

Aave Announces Credit Delegation (CD)

Aave depositors will be able delegate their credit lines. For example, Karen deposits an asset such as USDT to Aave and delegates her credit line to Chad, who draws funds such as ETH from Aave Protocol.

Katalyst and KyberDAO Now Live

KNC holders can stake their tokens on the KyberDAO and govern the protocol by voting on important proposals and parameters, while earning rewards (in ETH) for their efforts. Any KNC holder can contribute to Kyber’s development by participating in the KyberDAO.

TokenSets News Feed Now Live

The News Feed allows you to keep up to date with Social Traders and Sets that you’re following as well as discover new ones.

Meta (MTA) Genesis on Balancer

mStable announced that it will launch its protocol token Meta (MTA) on Balancer at approximately 14:00 UTC on Wednesday, July 15th 2020.

Ethereum Developer Guide Published

Wesley van Heije has put together “The hitchhiker’s guide to Ethereum development” which provides a starting point for developers who’re keen to learn more about blockchain and development on top of Ethereum. Check it out here.

renBTC Liquidity Mining on Loopring Exchange

renBTC is now listed on trading against USDT. This renBTC-USDT pair is being launched with a liquidity mining incentive campaign.

DeversiFi Launches Celebrity Trader

Celebrity Trader is a competition where if you pick the winning trader, you’ll win their entire portfolio (that was initially funded by the DeversiFi team). The trades are made based on the sentiment of each Twitter celebrities tweets.

Muscovite Product Release

COMP, LEND, KNC, and REN are now available as binary options markets on the Synthetix platform.

MakerDAO Approves 4 New Light Feeds For Oracles

Kyber Network, Infura, Etherscan and Gitcoin have all been added as Light Feed’s to the MakerDAO protocol.

Chicago DeFi Alliance Cohort #1 Results

An update from the Chicago DeFi Alliance where they recap some of their work and announced new cohort members including Gauntlet, Three Arrows Capital and Aave.

Gitcoin + Matic: A Staking Partnership

Gitcoin and Matic announced this week that they have formed a long term partnership with Matic to collectively grow the scalability community of Web 3.

MCDEX Liquidity Mining Guide

Users can earn MCB tokens by providing liquidity on the platform to the AMM. This guide will walk you through how to participate in this program. Get started here.

BeaconScan Launched

BeaconScan is an eth2 validator explorer that features email alerts, dashboard sharing, multi-device login and other features, it's also ETH 2.0’s first independent monitoring service.

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