Discussing the Ethereum Roadmap with Rick Dudley


Rick Dudley has been around Ethereum since the beginning, advised many great projects and has some pragmatic takes on where Ethereum is today and where we are going. Rick is a blockchain architect who is working at his own firm Vulcanize. We discuss what Vulcanize is building with VulcanizeDB and then dive into Ethereum. We start with the state of Ethereum today and then talk about current funding demands on the chain. From there he talks about why he finds the Ethereum 1.x effort very important and why he took the lead for the fee market change (EIP-1559) working group change. This transitions us into talking about Eth 2.0 where he talks about how he thinks it’ll be completed but is perhaps misguided in some aspects. Finally we wrap up with talking about the competition and on-chain governance.

This was one of my favorite conversations so far and is absolutely worth a listen!

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