EthHub Weekly #163

Loopring announces Ethport, Zapper Learn Unveiled, The Graph announces Scalar, Argent Vault detailed and more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

[SPONSORED] The Recipe Creator is the latest addition to the DeFi Saver toolbox, this time allowing users to put together various DeFi legos in the form of different actions involving multiple protocols and running them in a single transaction.

Though the concept of a transaction builder isn’t really new in this space, the Recipe Creator aims to provide this functionality through an informative, approachable and highly functional interface, as users have come to expect from DeFi Saver.

What’s more, the Recipe Creator even allows users to simply tell the interface what they want and let the app prepare their recipe steps through use of natural language processing. If you want to “borrow 10,000 Dai from Compound and deposit into Aave v2” you can write that down in the app and let it create the custom recipe for you.

Get started with the Recipe Creator here.

🎢 Just Protocol Things

Lots of core protocol developments for Ethereum last week - EIP-1559 timeline was announced (tentatively scheduled for July 14th), the eth2 Beacon Chain had its first mainnet incident (with a bug related to Prysm) and the eth1 <> eth2 merge got a target date of October 2021! It’s pretty incredible to see so much work being done on the core protocol itself and it truly is unprecedented because as Trent puts it, we could possibly have 5 network upgrades this year! Pretty awesome, huh?

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

🚀 Three Ether ETFs Begin Trading on Toronto Stock Exchange

Three ether (ETH) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Tuesday. The ETFs are by Canada-based asset managers: Purpose InvestmentsCI Global Asset Management, and Evolve Funds Group. The three firms received the green light from the Ontario Securities Commission last week.

The move follows shortly after the regulator approved the world's first bitcoin ETFs by the three firms earlier this year. All three ETFs — the Purpose Ether ETF, the CI Galaxy Ethereum ETF, and the Evolve Ether ETH — provide exposure to the price of Ethereum's native ETH without the need to possess it.

⚖️ Binance Under the Lens of European Regulators for Stock Token Offering

Coinbase shares closed at $328.28 in their Nasdaq debut on Wednesday, giving the cryptocurrency exchange an initial market cap of $85.8 billion on a fully diluted basis.

The shares opened at $381 and quickly shot up as high as $429.54, before dropping back below the debut price and reaching a low of around $310. The price was still well above the reference price of $250 set Tuesday night, though no shares changed hands at that price.

Skirting the traditional IPO process, Coinbase listed its stock directly, allowing employees and existing shareholders to sell shares immediately at a market-based price. In pursuing a direct listing, Coinbase followed tech companies like Spotify, Slack, Palantir and Roblox, which helped standardize the process.

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 24 April 2021

An overview of this weeks Beacon Chain incident, updates on Rayonism, updates on the merge and more in this weeks eth2 coverage from Ben.

EF-Supported Teams: Research & Development Update

Included in this edition are updates from many teams highlighted in the previous Supported Teams update, and more.

Real World Assets on Maker

New Silver, a pool of fix and flip loans on Centrifuge Tinlake, financed its first loan using MakerDAO as a credit facility, becoming the first ever to back DAI with a Real World Asset (RWA).

Loopring Announces Ethport

Ethport is a solution to help with fragmentation between layer 1, layer 2 and centralized exchanges.

Scalar Unveiled

Scalar is a microtransaction solution built on Connext Network’s Vector for fast & cheap query fee transactions in The Graph Network.

Zapper Learn Unveiled

Zapper Learn provides a wealth of resources including DeFi basics, tutorials, and alpha leaks.

FAANG Equity Synths Now Live

You can now trade sFB, sAAPL, sAMZN, sGOOG, sTSLA and sNFLX using the Kwenta exchange that’s built on top of Synthetix.

Layer2.Finance Mainnet Launches is a novel solution that allows people to access all existing DeFi protocols at a fraction of the cost by acting like a “DeFi Public Transportation System”.

Argent Vault Detailed

The Argent Vault is more secure, more simple and has cheaper gas than the regular Argent experience.

Nexus Protocol Cover Now Live

Protocol Cover is more broad and flexible because it covers everything from Smart Contract Cover plus events related to oracle attacks, severe economic attacks and governance attacks.

Balancer V2 Smart Contracts Now Live

The contracts are now live on the Ethereum mainnet and developers can start leveraging them today.

Operation Wartortle Detailed

Operation Wartortle has been launched with the goal of sunsetting the legal entity behind Nexus Mutual, which would remove the requirement to KYC for NXM token holders.

Rotki v1.16.0 Released

Support for FTX, custom assets of any type can now be added, local lists of assets now dynamically update, a readable historical trades view and more in v1.16.0.

Alpha Homora v2 Relaunch Detailed

The relaunch will include many innovative features for all lenders and leveraged yield farmers out there in the Alpha ecosystem.

Instadapp Launches Refinancing Bridge

You can now migrate your L1 debt positions to Aave on Polygon in a single click and enjoy powerful DeFi functionality at fractions of a penny.

Ethereum Cat Herders Update #42

Berlin upgrade, OpenEthereum consensus issue, ACD meeting, Aleut testnet, London & Altair upgrade, Rayonism, Merge implementers call, EIPIP meeting, community events and more updates.

Krystal Announced

Krystal empowers you to swap any ERC20 token and lets you decide which protocol you want to use. Krystal currently supports Uniswap and Kyber with more DEXs coming soon.

Openlogin Announced

Openlogin from Torus is a non-custodial login with FaceID/TouchID support that provides a seamless UX on any application.

StakeWise Updates

StakeWise have enabled trustless staking for new deposits, their token contract has been deployed and the airdrop has been detailed.

Introducing kCompound

kCompound is a wrapper for the Compound lending platform that lets users deposit collateral and borrow assets as they normally would. However, kCompound loans are constantly monitored and protected by the KeeperDAO Just-In-Time Underwriter (JITU), which helps protect borrowers from liquidation.

Hegic Governance Soft Launches

With the soft launch of Hegic governance, the most active and long-term oriented users of Hegic will own the protocol in terms of their influence on its future.

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