EthHub Weekly #177

Ethereum turns 6, StarkEx 3.0 live on mainnet, Synthetix exchange live on Optimism, Thales now live and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

🎉 Happy Birthday Ethereum

Ethereum celebrated its 6th birthday on Friday and what an amazing 6 years it has been! From a small office launch to a global network poised to take over the world - it really is an amazing success story. I wrote more about it in The Daily Gwei which you can read here.

Speaking of The Daily Gwei - I co-authored a piece last week with my good friend Nader that gives you a complete overview of EIP-1559 - you can read that here.

Finally, I hosted Daniel from Cryptocurrency Jobs in The Daily Gwei Discord channel for a live AMA where he provided lots of job-related alpha. You can read the full transcript of that AMA here.

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

⚖️ Binance Winds Down Derivatives Offerings in Three European Countries

Crypto exchange Binance announced Friday that it will no longer offer crypto futures and options trading to users in three European countries: Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands.

With immediate effect, new users from these countries will no longer be able to open accounts with Binance to trade crypto derivatives. As for existing users, Binance said it will announce a date later, and from that date, users from these countries will have 90 days to close their open positions.

While the initial action is on the three regions, Binance said it has plans to shut its crypto derivatives trading offering across the European region.

🤔 US Officials Investigating Tether Executives for Bank Fraud

U.S. officials are said to be investigating whether executives for the stablecoin operator Tether committed bank fraud, according to a Monday morning report by Bloomberg.

Per the report, the Department of Justice is "scrutinizing whether Tether concealed from banks that transactions were linked to crypto, said three people with direct knowledge of the matter who asked not to be named because the probe is confidential." The report said the investigation "is focused on conduct that occurred years ago, when Tether was in its more nascent stages."

Bloomberg reported that one of its sources said the DOJ has sent letters informing the recipients that they are targets of an investigation. "The notices signal that a decision on whether to bring a case could be made soon, with senior Justice Department officials ultimately determining whether charges are warranted," the outlet said.

Project Updates

What’s New in Eth2 - 30 July 2021

Ben gives us all the usual eth2 updates we need to know including coverage of the beacon chain, the Altair upgrade, the merge and more.

Rocket Pool Prater Testnet Now Live

This testnet is a release candidate for mainnet. To participate, you can use the website to stake ETH and receive rETH, Rocket Pool’s liquid tokenised staking option.

StarkEx 3.0 Now Live on Mainnet

StarkEx 3.0 brings with it 2 new major features - L1 vaults and SHARed Prover (SHARP) enabling DeFi pooling and dAMM.

Sorare Live on Starkware

Sorare has launched their new scaling solution on Ethereum that leverages Starkware’s zkRollup technology.

zkSwap v2 Launched

ZKSwap V2 will expand its asset ecosystem by enabling users to add and swap any ERC-20 token and shorten the withdrawal time from the ZKSwap layer 2 to a supported layer 1 like Ethereum.

Tenderly Raises $15.3 Million

The Series A round was led by Accel with participation from existing investors and new angel investors, including Nicolas Dessaigne (Co-founder of Algolia), Mirko Novakovic (Co-founder of Instana) and Guillermo Rauch (CEO of Vercel).

Tenderly also integrated with Optimism.

Synthetix Exchange and Kwenta Live on Optimism

The Optimism L2 alpha will offer both the Kwenta and Synthetix communities an opportunity to learn more about synth trading on L2.

Horizon Blockchain Games Raises $4.5 Million

The pre-Series A round, which the firm described as a "SAFE from strategic gaming and blockchain investors" (meaning simple agreement for future equity), drew support from investors such as BITKRAFT Ventures, CMT Digital, The Xchange Company, Khaled Verjee and Zyshan Kaba.

Thales Live on Mainnet

Thales, an on-chain binary options protocol that spun out of the Synthetix ecosystem, is now live on the Ethereum mainnet.

TWAMM Introduced

The Time-Weighted Average Market Maker, or TWAMM (pronounced "tee-wham"), helps traders on Ethereum efficiently execute large orders.

Tidal Finance Launches on Mainnet

Tidal Finance went live with StaFi, Xend Finance, Marlin and EasyFi as initial launch clients for subscription-based weekly adjusted insurance model.

Ondo Finance Announced

Ondo is a new primitive built to accelerate DeFi adoption among mainstream investors by enabling the granular exchange of risk.

The Road to Trustless Ethereum Staking

In this post, Lido explains the thoughts that led to Lido’s current design and how they plan on transitioning Lido to a piece of fully trustless infrastructure.

EthTx Now Open Source

EthTx is an open source decoder of blockchain transactions that is made freely available to the Ethereum Community as a Python library in public PyPi index.

Reality Cards Moves to Polygon

Prediction market app Reality Cards is moving from xDai to the Polygon PoS chain.

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