EthHub Weekly #51

Constantinople live on mainnet, FaceCoin is closer than we think, DeFi Pulse launch and much more!

Curated by Anthony Sassano (@sassal0x) and Eric Conner (@econoar)

👊 We Did It!

The Ethereum network upgrade, Constantinople, was successfully implemented this week bringing with it 4 EIPs including the much anticipated issuance reduction (EIP-1234). Unlike the previous two attempts, this most recent one was an incredibly smooth event - kudos to all the people that made this happen!

We published a blog post a while back about how we plan to build a sustainable EthHub. In this post, we outlined that one of the primary uses of the donations we received would be to post bounties for content that we’d like to see on the EthHub documentation section. We’re excited to announce that the first round of bounties will be going live this week! If you’d like to get paid to contribute to EthHub, keep an eye on our Twitter account as this is where we’ll be posting links to relevant bounties!

Have a great week everyone!


News of the Week

💸 Building to be Tokenized on Ethereum Blockchain

Inveniam Capital Partners (ICP) plans to tokenize some $260 million in four private real estate and debt transactions, starting with a WeWork-occupied building in downtown Miami, Florida. Announced Tuesday, the firm intends to sell tokenized shares of the building, valued at $65.5 million, likely the largest piece of real estate to be financed this way to date.

The company placed a deposit on the building last month using an unspecified amount of bitcoin. Once the other three deals are finalized, ICP will be auctioning off shares in the assets, represented by ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, in the coming weeks.

🤔 Bitcoiners Delete Coinbase Accounts to Protest Neutrino Acquisition

The battle cry #DeleteCoinbase is resounding across crypto Twitter as bitcoin users close their accounts to protest a controversial acquisition by the exchange.

These users are upset with Coinbase for acquiring Neutrino because that blockchain analytics outfit’s executive suite – CEO Giancarlo Russo, CTO Alberto Ornaghi, and CRO Marco Valleri – previously spearheaded projects for the startup Hacking Team, which sold spyware to several governments known for human rights abuses.

For example, the Washington Post reported Hacking Team worked directly with the Saudi Arabian government, including the enforcement group that allegedly murdered dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The startup’s website touted a “hacking suite for governmental interception,” describing its wares as “offensive technology.” This spyware also aided surveillance and arrests of journalists in Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates, Motherboard reported.

👍 Samsung Reveals Galaxy S10 Blockchain Partners

Samsung has revealed four of its blockchain partners—bitcoin, ethereum, enjin, and cosmee—for the new Galaxy S10 mobile phone, CoinDesk reports. Partners’ logos have been featured in the Samsung Mobile Business Summit session at MWC Barcelona 2019 on Feb. 25.

The exact nature of the partnership remains unknown and will most likely be revealed after the launch. It is speculated, however, the tokens will all be supported by Galaxy S10’s crypto wallet. 

Moreover, a blockchain-based social media app Cosmee is to be the first DApp featured by Samsung.

😲 Facebook Talking to Crypto Exchanges About Its Coin

Facebook has held talks with exchanges about listing its cryptocurrency, The New York Times reports. According to the Times' sources, the Facebook crypto project is "far enough along that the social networking giant has held conversations with cryptocurrency exchanges about selling the Facebook coin to consumers." Facebook employees are telling these exchanges that they plan to get a working product out in the first half of 2019.

Project Updates

Foam Updates

You can now receive email notifications when your points of interest change their status and the team published a blog post detailing a heatmap of signal points on the FOAM map.

The team also published a blog post outlining the launch of their new FOAM testnet called ‘GeoPickle’

DaiCard is Now Live

Card (or DaiCard) is now live on the Rinkeby testnet. Card is an off-chain wallet that’s hosted in the browser and utilizes Indra payment channels. Check it out here.

ZEIP-23 Vote Recap

Matt Taylor from the 0x team recaps the recent ZEIP-23 governance vote to add the MultiAssetProxy contract to the 0x protocol on-chain. This contract enables the trading of arbitrary bundles of assets.

Ethereum 2.0 Development Update #23 — Prysmatic Labs

Eth2.0 spec updates, github activity updates and details of the Prysmatic Labs team upcoming work detailed in their latest update post.

Nitro Protocol Announced

Nitro Protocol is a new protocol for building generalized state channel networks.

Introducing Strategy Enabled Tokens

The Set Protocol team introduced ‘Strategy Enabled Tokens’ this week which allows investors to get exposure to passively managed index products that periodically re-balance and allows traders to automate their trading strategies.

CoinMetrics Raises $1.9mil

The firm announced that it had raised the funds from Castle Island Ventures, Fidelity Investments, Highland Capital Partners and Dragonfly Capital.

DeFi Pulse Launched

The Settle Finance team launched ‘DeFi Pulse’ this week which is a tool that tracks various metrics of decentralized finance apps.

Nimbus Development Update, Feb 2019

Most of this update covers the testnet simulations that the Nimbus team are doing for the beacon chain as well as echoing SigmaPrimes comments that Eth2.0 public testnets are expected in March!

Dharma Dashboard Refresh

The Dharma Lever dashboard got a refresh this week so that you can easily manage all of your outstanding loans and lending.

Community Member Spotlight

This week we’re highlighting the amazing work that Richard Burton, Mike Demarais, Christian Baroni and Jin Chung are doing with the Balance crypto wallet!

Balance comes in two flavours - a desktop manager and a mobile wallet - with the latter currently in beta for iOS and Android devices.

Richard often teases beautiful interfaces that the team have been working on for the wallet. These interfaces will allow users to manage things like their Maker CDP or Uniswap liquidity pools.

I’m personally looking forward to the official release of the mobile wallet (slated for release sometime soon).

On-Chain Activity

  • Stats from the first 24 hours of Ethereums Constantinople upgrade

  • Dharma loan volumes growing steadily since the launch of Dharma Lever

  • MakerDAO System Collaterilization ratio falls below 300% as the team prepares a proposal to adjust the stability fee from 0.5% to 3.5% to temper DAI demand

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