EthHub Weekly Recap #58: EthHub community forum, EIP-1559 progress, EY Nightfall, ConsenSys raising money, Eth 2.0 rewards, ENS upgrading, Dharma ReFi w/ DeFi, Maker stability and Eth 1.x help


On the EthHub Weekly Recap we cover topics from the EthHub Weekly Newsletter. In this episode we discuss the upcoming Ethereal Hackathon, the EthHub community forum launch and upcoming call, EIP-1559 progress in Berlin, big news about EY Nightfall, ConsenSys looking to raise $200mn, proposed Eth 2.0 validator reward increases, ENS upgrading and will they help fund grants, Dharm's ReFi with DeFi movement, Dai stability fee goes up again and looking for help with Eth 1.x.

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