Arbitrum Nitro preview, UniSync released, Coinbase NFT platform announced, Gnosis Safe on Arbitrum and much more!
The Merge updates, Altair mainnet announcement, Optimism to donate $1mil to public goods, Flashbots Protect announced and much more!
OVM 2.0 is coming, Connext NXTP now live, Visa building a layer 2, Aave Arc gears up for launch and much more!
Sorare raises $680 million, DAI now live on Arbitrum, Polygon launches bug bounty, cBridge 2.0 introduced and much more!
Polygon and EY team up, Optimism announces major upgrade, Hop now supports Arbitrum, Uniswap launches auto router and much more!
Rocket Pool gets a mainnet date, Gitcoin Grants Round 11 now live, EnterDAO announced and much more!
Arbitrum One now live, MetaMask surpasses 10 million MAUs, zkSync 2.0 developer update and much more!
Arbiscan now live, Optimism adds custom token bridging, Nova introduced, ENS adds DNS integration and much more!
Visa buys a CryptoPunk, Coinbase to buy $500mil worth of crypto, Optimism community launch, Fractional raises $7.9 million, RARE token introduced and m…
Dune Analytics raises $8 million, ETHOnline announced, Polygon acquires Hermez Network, Arbitrum One Portal launched and much more!
Arbitrum coming in August, dYdX token introduced, Connext introduces NXTP, Mean Finance launched and much more!
Ethereum turns 6, StarkEx 3.0 live on mainnet, Synthetix exchange live on Optimism, Thales now live and much more!