EthHub Weekly Recap: ETHNY Recap, Facebook registers in Switzerland, Istanbul EIP deadline, Cheeze Wizards game, Flexa SPEDN app, on-chain metrics and why devs build on Ethereum

EthHub Weekly #62

Argent: The Immense Benefits of Smart Contract Wallets

EthHub Weekly Recap: Community call, Moloch DAO, EF funding plan, Devcon Osaka, Binance hacked, FinCEN guidance, PryLabs testnet, RealT launched and bullish ETH metrics

EthHub Weekly #61

Digix: The Golden Path Forward with Shaun Djie

EthHub Weekly Recap: Eric joins Gnosis, Bitfinex drama, Facebook's stablecoin, updated, Metacash wallet, CDP Saver tool, Elon tweets Ethereum and Aragon voting

EthHub Weekly #60

Discussing the Ethereum Roadmap with Rick Dudley

EthHub Weekly Recap: Tether drama, Samsung developing on Ethereum, Uniswap gets funding, Eth 2.0 moving along, EIP-1559 working group, Dai stability and don't sleep on Ethereum

EthHub Weekly #59

Austin Griffith: Path to Mass Adoption with the Burner Wallet

EthHub Weekly Recap: EthHub community forum, EIP-1559 progress, EY Nightfall, ConsenSys raising money, Eth 2.0 validator rewards, ENS upgrading, Dharma ReFi w/ DeFi, Maker stability fee and Eth 1.x help

EthHub Weekly #58

FOAM: The Future of Proof of Location with Ryan John King

EthHub Weekly Recap: Anthony at EDCON, China bans Bitcoin (again), 0x token economics, Augur v2 announced, Flex startup derivatives, Dai stability fee up again and EIP discussions in Berlin

EthHub Weekly #57

EthHub Weekly Recap: Anthony going to EDCON, Eth 2.0 Economics Post, EthHub Roadmap, SEC No Action Letter, Sigma Prime Eth 2.0 Client, LoanScan DeFi Rates, DeFi Activity and Eth 2.0 Issuance Rates

Celer Network: Scaling Ethereum via Layer 2 with Mo Dong

EthHub Weekly #56


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