Set Protocol: Automating Asset Management with DeFi

EthHub Weekly Recap #70: Trump tweets about crypto, US big tech and crypto, Heiswap introduced, Geth v1.9, InstaDapp DeFi bridge and Ethereum becoming global asset platform

EthHub Weekly #70

TokenCard: Path to a Self-Sovereign Banking Service

InstaDapp: A Bridge to Decentralized Finance

EthHub Weekly #69

EthHub Weekly Recap #68: Anthony joins Set, Eth2 Phase 0 spec frozen, Austin Griffith leaves Gitcoin, Maker MCD update, PoolTogether launched, ETH tx count rising and why you can't kill ETH

EthHub Weekly #68

Coin Metrics: Understanding the Value and Use of Crypto Networks

EthHub Weekly Recap #67: Facebook's Libra announced, Eth 2.0 updates, EF dev report, Argent's Hopper, dYdX seeing growth and digital art/collectibles

EthHub Weekly #67

Grid+: Lattice1 Hardware Wallet and Announcing Phonon Network

EthHub Weekly Recap #66: Merch store launch, Libra updates, Binance blocking US, NFTs on Maker, Gnosis Safe on Burner, Shadowlands launches, WBTC growing and $1bn DeFi volume

EthHub Weekly #66

Talking Ethereum with Ameen Soleimani

EthHub Weekly Recap #65: Scaling Ethereum workshop, Argent's mixer, Facebook coin, StarkDEX demo, Rocket Pool updates, Uniswap improvements, DeFi Pulse and a deep dive on DAI

EthHub Weekly #65

Kyber Network: Providing Liquidity to the Decentralized World with Loi Luu

EthHub Weekly Recap #64: Kik attempts DefendCrypto, EY's nightfall code live, dxDAO awakens, JPM's Zether, measuring dapp adoption and Eth 2.0 economics discussion

EthHub Weekly #64


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