Arbitrum and Reddit team up, Index Coop introduces BED, Lyra DAO raises $3.3 million, Immutable introduces IMX token and much more!
Ethereum documentary raises $2mil, Uniswap v3 on Optimism, zkSync 1.x upgrade complete, Blocknative raises $12mil and much more!
Arbitrum One update, Synthetix x Optimism update, EIP-1559 gets a mainnet date, Index Coop raises $7.7 million and much more!
ESP allocation update, Aave Pro detailed, Nansen raises $12 million, Slingshot goes mobile and much more!
Polygon announces Avail, Optimism teams up with Infura and Alchemy, Risk Harbor exits stealth, Gods Unchained announces token and much more!
London testnet dates announced, The Graph and Optimism team up, Futureswap v3 detailed, dYdX Closes $65 Million Series C and much more!
Alchemix launches alETH, PolygonScan launched, Curve v2 now live, Aztec goes open source and much more!
zkEVM testnet now live, Okcoin integrates Polygon, Zapper levels up, Sherlock raises $1.5 million and much more!
Arbitrum One mainnet beta live, Token Terminal v2 launched, Set Protocol raises $14 million, Gitcoin introduces governance token and much more!
Optimism integrates with Etherscan, zkSync 2.0 security model announced, Coinbase Wallet extension announced, Rainbow profiles now available on desktop…
Core dev apprenticeship program announced, Balancer v2 now live, Arbitrum dev mainnet date announced, BairesDAO announced and much more!
VanEck files for ETH ETF, Bankless DAO announced, Uniswap v3 now on mainnet, Dopex announced and much more!