A terrable week.
Back after a few weeks of travelling!
Arbitrum Nitro on testnet, Index Coop introduces icETH, GitPOAP now live and much more!
Ethereum Cat Herders update #53, Polynomial Earn launched, Polyogn ID introduced and much more!
ConsenSys raises $450mil, Optimism raises $150mil, Aave v3 now live, Alchemix v2 now live and much more!
Kiln merge testnet now live, Optimism updates, Stripe now supports crypto, WalletConnect raises $11 million and much more!
Immutable raises $200mil, Arbitrum announces AnyTrust chains, Lido adds Polygon support and much more!
zkSync's zkEVM testnet now live, DeversiFi and Opera team up, Yearn launches on Arbitrum, Obol Proto Community launched and much more!
Devcon6 dates announced, 0xSplits introduced, Hashflow on Arbitrum and much more!
Kiln milestone tracker, Polygon raises $450mil, Lens Protocol detailed and much more!
Kuiper Finance announced, Dune Analytics Series B, Mean V2 live on Optimism and much more!
Eth2 renamed, Arbitrum fees lowered, Aave v3 testnets now live, Hashflow on Polygon and much more!