Polygon integrates EIP-1559, Binance supports Arbitrum withdrawals, Set Protocol live on Optimism and much more!
Polygon introduces Plonky2, OpenSea raises $300 million, Connext and LayerSwap partner up and much more!
Kintsugi merge testnet announced, Optimism removes their whitelist, PhononDAO detailed, Uniswap v3 live on Polygon PoS and much more!
Polygon Zero unveiled, Aztec Connect live on testnet, Slingshot raises $15 million, Voltz Protocol raises $6mil and much more!
ZKOPRU live on testnet, Perpetual Protocol v2 launched, Lemma on mainnet, Euler live on testnet and much more!
StarkNet alpha on mainnet, MetaMask adds support for Lattice1, Slingshot deploys to Arbitrum, Zapper reaches 1 million MAUs and much more!
Polygon Miden announced, ConsenSys raises $200mil, Binance adds Arbitrum support and much more!
OVM 2.0 upgrade now live, Arrow Glacier is coming, DAI Wormhole detailed and much more!
ENS to decentralize, new merge testnet, Rocket Pool gets a mainnet date, Aave v3 detailed and much more!
Facebook rebrands to Meta, Optimism introduces EVM equivalence, Across Protocol announced, Phonon introduced and much more!
Altair is coming, Obol Network raises $6.15 million, Connext Explorer released, Polygon & DraftKings partner up and much more!
Arbitrum Nitro preview, UniSync released, Coinbase NFT platform announced, Gnosis Safe on Arbitrum and much more!