EthHub Weekly #87

Zak Cole: Whiteblock and Testing Eth2

EthHub Weekly Recap #86: New merch shop, Burner Wallet tries mainstream, BitMEX email leak, Maple Finance introduced, skinny EIP-1559, DeFiZap announced, Uniswap turns 1 and is Ethereum unforkable?

EthHub Weekly #86

Gnosis Safe: Improving Security and UX with Smart Contract Wallets

EthHub Weekly Recap #85: DevCon recap, ETH is a commodity, China embraces blockchain, Vitalik’s research posts, Maker MCD launch date, Uniswap Plasma and Istanbul fork soon

EthHub Weekly #85

EthHub Weekly #84

EthHub Weekly #83

EthHub Weekly #82

AZTEC Protocol: Bringing Privacy to Ethereum

EthHub Weekly Recap #81: Gitcoin grants, Kik drama, Istanbul testnets, crypto ratings council, Gods Unchained raises $15mn, tokenizing NBA contracts and Ethereum gas explained

EthHub Weekly #81

Ryan Sean Adams: Why Ether is Money

EthHub Weekly Recap #80: ProgPOW discussion, DOJ extortion charges, dev update, DeFi Score launches, BitPay adds ETH support, on chain metrics and David Hoffman on ETH as money

EthHub Weekly #80

Synthetix: Bringing Currency, Commodity and Stock Exposure to Ethereum

EthHub Weekly Recap #79: Eth2 interop, Coinbase launching IEOs, USDC DeFi bootstrap fund, Staked money robot, UMA synth token builder and the current gas situation

EthHub Weekly #79

Matteo Leibowitz: A Deep Dive on the Current State of Ethereum


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